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Easter Flower Arrangements For The Table at Bloom

Celebrate spring in style with our Easter flowers. The yellow and orange arrangements will make the perfect Easter table centrepiece, or a fabulous gift to delight someone special. Take your pick here.

And now enjoy the offer at Bloom with 3 for 2 on all single stem faux flowers and greenery. Mix and match across our entire single stem range, only at Bloom flowers.

Sunny Marigold Arrangement in Mini Milk Churn

Sunny Marigold Arrangement in Mini Milk ChurnThis delightful ‘deep-in-the-country’ marigold arrangement has a wonderfully natural, informal sense of joie de vivre. Marigolds always seem like happy, good-natured, cheerful flowers, and here are paired with other cottage garden favourites for a casual just picked look.The Price £69.00

Buttercup Arrangement

Buttercup ArrangementWatch how they illuminate a room like a shaft of sunlight. Cheerful and happy-go-lucky, buttercups arranged in a glass jam jar create a positive, joyful mood wherever you place them.The Price £29.00

Joy of Spring Arrangement

Joy of Spring ArrangementHappiness, like laughter, is infectious – and this bubbling, chuckling, frothy display proves it. Comprising freesias, tulips and narcissi against a background of ferns, it defies you to feel down in the dumps.The Price £79.00

Paperwhite Narcissus Arrangement in Vase

Paperwhite Narcissus Arrangement in VasePetite paperwhite narcissi are one of the rare species of plant that can successfully grow through snow and are always a sure welcome sight of spring after a long dark winter.The Price £49.00

Growing Narcissus Collection in Vase

Growing Narcissus Collection in VaseWarm and golden, cheerful and high spirited – our yellow and white growing narcissus collection is the perfect cure for winter blues. Placed on a windowsill, it is a charming way to welcome the sunshine inside, lighten your heart and put a spring in your step.The Price £79.00

Spring Orchid in Glass Vase

Spring Orchid in Glass VaseOne of Japan’s most highly prized ornamental plants, and a Bloom favourite, this delicate silk interpretation is exotic, graceful and adds a touch of meditative calm to your home or office. “Growing’ in a moss-lined glass bowl.The Price £29.00

Pastel Coloured Spring Tulip Arrangement in a Glass Vase

Pastel Coloured Spring Tulip Arrangement in a Glass VaseOriginally cultivated in the Ottoman Empire, ‘tulip’ comes from the Latin word for turban, ‘tulipa’; the flower’s petals resembling the exotic headdress. In the 16th century, these elegant blooms were imported by the Dutch and ‘tulip fever’ gripped the world.The Price £49.00

Marigold Trough

Marigold TroughTake handfuls of summer sunshine, roll into a ball and arrange in a suitable container – that’s our marigold trough. Maybe the description isn’t strictly (or botanically) correct but it only takes a little imagination to see marigolds in this way.The Price £59.00

Magnificent Magnolia and Tulip Centrepiece in Glass Vase

Magnificent Magnolia and Tulip Centrepiece in Glass VaseSome flowers are so fleeting in the garden, but this joyous centrepiece will fill your home with delicate flowers year round. Clusters of catkins, pink magnolias and apple blossoms, golden tulips and frothy white balls of viburnum opulus vie for space and attention.Was £179.00 Now £149.00






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