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Essentials Only personal care – the new brand turning the market on its head

INTRODUCING TAKK ESSENTIALS: The ‘Essentials Only’ personal care brand

TAKK is the ‘Essentials Only’ personal care brand taking a stand against ‘micro-decisions’.
In a saturated, marketing heavy industry TAKK is a brand that has been developed with one key principle in mind: to keep the products to their essentials, avoiding all branding tricks and gimmicks. Working in collaboration with experts across the personal care industry, TAKK has created one winning formula for each product to help tackle the choice-overload when it comes to personal care. All names of the products have been stripped down to abbreviations and given an elemental name. There is only one version of each product, so with no variations these form the core elements of what TAKK stands for – essentials only.

From toothpaste and dental floss developed by a leading dentist, to shower products with gentle formulas, the TAKK range also includes shampoo and conditioner, as well as lightweight but hydrating face and body moisturisers. The brand recently added a shaving line which has been designed to be gender-neutral just as the other products are.
Sustainability is key to the brand focusing instead on local sourcing, shortened distribution and vegan ingredients. What’s more, TAKK has partnered with the Hygiene Bank to pair each purchase with an identical order for someone in need.


Every day we make thousands of decisions, from the mundane to the life-changing. Researchers at Cornell University estimate we make 226.7 decisions each day on food alone*, and in general we are estimated to make 35,000 decisions a day. When it comes to the personal care market, there has never been more choice, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. This is where brand new subscription service TAKK comes in, delivering a new way of getting just what you need, when you need it without the marketing bombardment, gender stereotyping or greenwashing.

With one time purchase or flexible subscriptions, frequency of delivery can be tailored to each individual customer – giving one less thing to think about.

TAKK offers no promotions as these have fundamentally been designed to push over-consumption, and the brand sells its products only via their own website, which doesn’t feature any promotion pop-ups or behind-the-scenes algorithms to offer you ‘more’. It sounds simple, yet quite a rebellion in the e-commerce space.


TAKK believes that the burden of the personal care market on the environment goes beyond the packaging. The ecosystem that encourages over-consumption, global supply chains and the war for shelf space at the retailers, is not only causing serious damage to our environment but also hindering the true innovation efforts. TAKK’s sustainability has two pillars. First, local sourcing which minimises the distribution waste and second, radical transparency. All TAKK products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans.

Less is more. Less is better. Once you’ve made the change, you won’t look back. Prices start from 4GBP, with subscriptions 14GBP. All available online here.

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