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Forget Botox & Needles! Treat your Wrinkles at Home using New MicroMask Technology!

When it comes to skincare, real statistics matter! Over two thirds of people say they’re frustrated their skincare products don’t do what they say they will. Compare that with a whopping 92% of Vice Reversa’s ground-breaking MicroMask treatment users who say that they saw visible results in just three weeks. In fact, 89% of users said Vice Reversa’s treatments performed better than any cream or serum they’ve tried.

Let us explain how it works. MicroMasks use a scientific method of ingredient delivery that was initially designed to deliver vaccinations (without the need of syringes or injectors). Vice Reversa adapted that very same technology to deliver active skincare ingredients directly to problem areas, making MicroMasking the most effective, non-invasive way of treating fine lines, wrinkles and spots!

Vice Reversa is the world’s first anti-ageing MicroMask brand which uses a scientifically proven method of delivering a concentrated dose of active ingredients to layers of your skin that are not typically reached by using creams and serums alone.

Using technology originally designed to vaccinate people without syringes or the need for trained injectors, Vice Reversa worked with k-beauty scientists and adapted the same technology to the targeted delivery of active skincare ingredients.

Each of Vice Reversa’s MicroMasks are covered with dissolvable MicroCrystal tips which painlessly pass through the top layer your skin’s barrier and deliver a concentrated dose of skincare actives exactly where needed.

Vice Reversa’s revolutionary at-home treatments offer one the most concentrated skincare treatments on the market, bridging the gap between traditional skincare and invasive salon treatments – all with zero recovery time and zero pain.

When a whopping 66% of women have said that they are frustrated that their skincare does not work as promised, Vice Reversa have always been committed to creating skincare products that do actually work!

Creams and serums, however advanced, have their limitations. Not only are active ingredients wasted as they are rubbed on with hands, but many of them remain outside of the skin’s natural barrier, never reaching the problem they’re designed to treat.

When crow’s feet, fine lines and spots aren’t responding to topical skincare routines, it’s makes sense to try a more targeted (and scientifically proven) solution.

In an independent study by Eurofins, Vice Reversa’s MicroMasks have achieved some outstanding results.

  • In just 3 weeks of using the Eye Rejuvenator MicroMasks from Vice Reversa, 92% of all users saw a visible improvement.
  • 92% of users also said that their under-eye area looked smoother and felt firmer after a full 6 weeks of treatment.
  • 89% of users said that the results of Vice Reversa’s MicroMasking treatments were better than those of traditional creams.

Vice Reversa’s MicroMasks come in a range of different shapes, designed to treat specific skincare problems and problem areas.

Each patch is covered with tiny MicroCrystals (from 500 to 1,370 depending on the product) that contain specific formulations to treat a range of different skincare concerns.

Active ingredients are crystallised into microscopic pyramids that easily (and painlessly) pass through the skin’s outer barrier. On application, these crystals create micro-channels into the epidermis where they fully dissolve into the deeper skin layers over the course of two hours.

Whilst other masks (and even the process of facing taping) rely on topical creams and serums which contain up to 90% water and sit outside the skin’s natural barrier, Vice Reversa’s micro masks contain 0% water and offer the most concentrated skincare treatment on the market – one that penetrates the skin’s outer barrier into the lower dermal layers of the area targeted.

Eye Rejuvenator – £39.95

  • 4 applications per MicroMask pack (less than £10 per treatment)
  • Designed as an intensive under eye treatment program – use twice weekly for 6 weeks.
  • Shaped to fit the under-eye area.
  • Has an immediate hydrating and brightening effect whilst also delivering ingredients for long term skin support.
  • Contains 2,600 microcrystals of skin restoration formula.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump the area which assists with smoothness, radiance, and brightness.
  • Contains Vitamin C to reduce dark circles and even skin tone.
  • Contains Collagen Boosting Peptides which promote the body’s natural collagen and elastin production for firmer and plumper skin.

Crow De-Creaser (NEW) – £49.95

Vice Reversa

  • 4 applications per MicroMask pack (less than £12.50 per treatment)
  • Use 1 – 2 times weekly for 6 weeks.
  • Shaped to fit the outer area of the eye.
  • Has an immediate hydration and firming effect, whilst delivering ingredients to help reduce long term wrinkles.
  • Contains over 2,740 microcrystals.
  • Contains Retinal, which is proven to be more effective than retinol, but with less irritation. In a study by Triyit/Bazaarvoice, 84% of Crow De-Creaser users experienced no irritation at all with the product. By contrast a study found that standard Retinol (Retinoic Acid) caused some form of irritation in 71.1% of people.
  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate and plump the area which assists with smoothness, radiance, and brightness.
  • Contains Peptides that have been chosen for their anti-ageing and hydrating properties.

Pigment Fader – £29.95

Vice Reversa

  • 12 applications per MicroMask pack (less than £2.50 per treatment)
  • For blemishes – Use 2-3 times per week for 2 weeks.
  • For dark spots – Use 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks.
  • These treatments progressively improve target area concerns.
  • Each patch contains 500 microcrystals.
  • Contains Niacinamide to strengthen the skin’s barrier, boost hydration and repair hyper-pigmentation.
  • Contains Glutathione to brighten and rejuvenate skin, improve texture and counter the effects of hyperpigmentation.
  • Contains Tranexamic Acid which is a powerful anti-inflammatory that also reduces pigmentation, brightens skin and improves the skin texture.

Spot Stoppa – £29.95

  • 12 applications per MicroMask pack (less than £2.50 per treatment)
  • For blemishes, one spot is usually enough to combat the concern. For deeper or more stubborn spots, a second application may be needed.
  • Effects on a spot’s size, colour and pressure can usually be seen within 2 hours.
  • Each patch contains 500 MicroCrystals.
  • Contains Salicylic Acid which is known for its ability to unclog pores, reduce bacteria and smooth swollen skin.
  • Contains Totarol, a powerful antibacterial ingredient which reinforces the skins natural defences against toxins and UV damage.
  • Contains Green Tea Extract which is an antioxidant that unclogs pores, reduces surplus sebum, disinfects skin and sooths irritation.

All MicroMask products are Available online at Amazon UK, Harrods, Sephora UK and Vice Reversa website now.

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