Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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Sustainability in time for Christmas from Amnesty International

Amnesty International have released their Christmas collection of ethical beauty products, including zero waste shampoo, recyclable toothbrushes and plastic free soaps.

Brand new in the collection is a range of soaps by Fair Squared, including the special “Aleppo” soap. This traditional Syrian style soap is made from fairtrade olive oil and organic laurel oil. The face behind the new Fair Squared soap bars is Mohamad, also known as “Aleppo man”, who joined Fair Squared in early 2019. Mohamad is a native Syrian. For many years he lived in Aleppo which is the capital of the eponymous laurel soap.

Due to the outbreak of civil war, Mohamad left Syria, and after staying in Lebanon for one and a half years, he then moved to Cologne, Germany, where Fair Squared headquarters are based. Mohamad had his own company in Aleppo where he produced and distributed soaps and detergents, and now has brought his experience and traditional techniques to Fair Squared.

Amnesty International uk

“All of the items in our gift range are made with care, respect for the environment and respect for local communities. Buying a gift from Amnesty means you’re also helping to support our human rights work.”

“At Amnesty, we campaign for essential human rights. We fight for freedom, justice and equality. By shopping with us, you’re showing you care about these issues too.”

Georgie White, Amnesty International UK retail manager.

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