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4 Tips to Make Your Newly Found Remote Workers Feel Dedicated towards the Company!

The unfortunate pandemic of 2020 leads us to some extremely unpredictable situations in our life. Who knew an employer would actually convince his employees to take a leave from dropping to the office and insist on working from home instead! But this happened along with much more! While most of the companies had their workers confined to home (and providing their services from there), some brands also got an opportunity to hire new workers to work for them in this remote functioning model. But at the end of the day, since the situation is totally alien for one and all, everyone feels to be on the same plane – confused and detached.

As an entrepreneur or manager, you couldn’t afford being detached to your employees and vice versa. And neither they are staying less motivated towards work does any good either. Thus, it’s crucial for you to manage them and their work order well for a better future of your business.


How can you manage your remote workers and motivate them to work better?

Your newly found remote workers are your office staff now, and you don’t need any kind of physical presence of them to prove the same. Since the situation is unpredictable, we don’t even know till when this modus operandi would continue. So, in order to get the maximum even from this tricky situation, better try the following tips to handle your staff better even though they are present (remotely) in your virtual office.

1:Keep the team spirit alive —The first thing you could do to motivate them to work and feel more obligated towards your company is to create and maintain the team spirit. Let them understand their role in the company’s progress properly, and what their efforts could eventually lead to. Obviously, each of them has a purpose and a role to play; it’s time to make them understand this fact better.

2: Don’t break ties — Just because you are in virtual work mode right now and not in your office premises, doesn’t mean you have to break ties with your employees. Make it a point to communicate with them regularly even though on a formal basis and keep reminding them that they are at “work”, even though the location is different.

3: Maintain the payroll cycle — Distracting the payroll cycle during the pandemic can lead to demotivation of your staff. It’s essential to keep the payment going to them regularly, just as the work comes to you uniformly. We understand you couldn’t manage the same by being away from the office for long. Maintaining proper records of the same is also essential. There are some really great payroll companies like DH Payroll who understand the need for the same even in the present tricky situation. They have fantastic solutions to keep your payment cycle going on smoothly, along with the affiliated records, taxes, etc.

4: Recognise the achievements and excellence— In order to maintain a better work environment even at a virtual level, you’ll have to recognize the good efforts of your workers and treat them for the same. Either it’s an extra bonus that’s attached to their payment or just a voucher or something, or you can simply let their names be highlighted under your best workers section on your website — any kind of appreciation does wonders in your employee management strategy.

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This new way of working can be really taxing and staggering for all of us, but since we are stuck in this situation for long, then why not get the most of it and in the best way possible?

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