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5 Crucial Steps Needed For A Business Breakthrough

Businesses face many hurdles over the course of their operations. Creating a plan of action to overcome each one of them isn’t easy.

Of course, times are hard for many sectors right now. The thought of establishing a breakthrough in your industry may seem particularly far-fetched after such a bleak period. However, companies need to keep persevering, innovating at every chance they get.

How can you realise these types of ambitions for your firm? What strategies do you need to employ to make a success of things? Read on after the jump to find out.

Have the Basics Covered

You can’t devote your attention to a business breakthrough if the fundamentals of your firm are failing. Everything needs to be running smoothly at the foundational level before your company can grow.

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Last year, innovation firms decried the lack of government support available to them. Crucial grants were few and far between, and councils were directly lobbying the government for more funds. Without proper resources at their disposal, businesses were undoubtedly set to struggle. An air of uncertainty is still in the air, and for your situation, the only people you can wholly rely on are those working for and with you.

Try to appease customer anxieties by improving outreach and customer service relations. Perhaps consider remote working logistics if it will minimise the potential of future disruptions. Draft accurate forecasts on sales projections and tailor your processes to meet customer and client expectations. Ultimately, before a breakthrough can arrive, your business needs to be firmly on its feet after a turbulent period.

Utilise Automation

Once the basics of your business are back in working order, automation may be able to play a significant part in keeping everything functional. You should take these technologies seriously if you don’t already.


Automation is a tool that can help your business avoid further disruptions and survive the post-pandemic world. It can manage more trivial company processes while you and your colleagues devote more time to big picture thinking and substantial business breakthroughs.

A few of the roles automation can fill are:

Answering simple customer queries.
Managing production lines and supply chains.
Storing sensitive employee, customer, and client data on a secure server.
Monitoring data projections and producing accurate forecasts.

As you can see, automation is an essential resource that modern businesses can’t afford to underestimate. The technology could even be a critical component of your business breakthroughs, helping you move away from repetition and focus on fresh ideas. Ultimately, your business can’t advance if it’s constantly buried under admin, so alleviating those pressures where possible is in your best interests.

Consider Coaching Solutions

Coaching opportunities can help you broaden your mindset and shape your aptitude for business breakthroughs. Skills, training, and qualifications should fuel your passion and creativity.

If you suddenly think, ‘I need a business coach’, then you can browse the full range of services from the BCF group to compel you into action. They provide business and executive coaching services if you need some external influences to get the ball rolling. Additionally, they can also equip you and your managers with the skills you need to become coaches yourselves.


Remember, business breakthroughs are rarely derived from the genius of just one person. They are a product of various influences and teachings during a career, so the more that’s learnt here, the better. Communication and morale can be improved too, which are essential aspects to breakthrough success.

Develop a Second Revenue Stream

You may fully believe in the potential of your firm. However, you could broaden your horizons by enabling your firm to branch out and seek new opportunities.

To counter the devastating effects of the pandemic, many smaller businesses have added a second independent revenue stream to their operations. In other words, they are providing additional products and services on top of their primary offerings as well. It’s a great way to generate consumer interest, advance the business into the next stage of its journey, and of course, keep the cash flow moving.

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Often, a second revenue stream can be a sobering reminder of changing customer needs as well. It might be that your current products and services are outdated and that people will no longer gravitate toward them like they once did. In the end, a second revenue stream can be a breakthrough in terms of the direction of your firm or indicate that you need to branch out into different markets.

Know One Idea is the Start

A breakthrough in business may never arrive if you place too much pressure on yourself and your colleagues. You may need to fine-tune your perspective somewhat before finding success here.

The prospects of your company may not change from one good idea alone. A business pitch can only be given ‘breakthrough’ status if it spawns an exciting surge of subsequent thoughts and actionable plans afterwards, and if it also excites everybody in the room. Pinning all your hopes on something before then is dangerously premature and can lead to reckless decision-making, which can be costly in turn.

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For instance, thinking of a dream product is not enough. Only when you have excellent answers to funding, market research, and brand logistics is when things can start to come together. Perhaps any prototypes will also fail and require changes at later stages. You likely knew all of this already. However, if your firm has fallen on hard times, your sense of perspective may be warped by desperation.

Adopt a healthy perspective as you proceed. Encourage your team of innovators gently, andbuild off of one another’s concepts. Remove any sense of competition or time pressures from the workplace where possible and focus on unity. Many things need to be accounted for when it comes to business breakthroughs, and you can’t plan for them all if numerous distractions are bombarding your business.


It’s incredibly rare for a business breakthrough idea to arrive overnight and change the face of a company in one stroke. Often, this process is meticulous and based around concepts of trial and error. Still, the harder you fight for your business breakthrough potential, the more likely it is that success will find you sooner or later. Keep persevering and try to enjoy the journey.

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