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6 Steps to A Good Social Media Video Marketing Strategy

When YouTube was incorporated in 2005, no one thought video marketing would take over. Over the years, the demand for videos increased and disrupted other means of marketing. Besides YouTube, other social media platforms have also come into the limelight over the years.

Every business wants to leverage the power of social media marketing but a few become successful. You have to imply the perfect social media video marketing strategy to gain benefits. Several factors and things should be considered before making a social media video marketing strategy. Continue reading to know six steps to a good social media video marketing strategy in 2022.

Decide your video marketing objectives

Many marketers start a social media video marketing campaign without any prior analysis. For the same reason, many marketers fail to achieve positive results after launching a video marketing campaign. It is crucial that you have clear objectives in mind before launching a social media video marketing strategy.

It is crucial to decide on 2-3 goals for your video marketing strategy in the beginning. In the beginning, there was much pressure to make videos popular on social media platforms. Having too many objectives will not help you in managing your video marketing campaign initially.

By setting clear goals, you make social media videos accordingly. For example, consider that a small business wants to increase brand awareness by adopting a social media video marketing strategy. The small businesses will make marketing videos that tell the story of their brand and create a brand persona.

If you know what to achieve and do beforehand, you can create better social media marketing videos. As a business owner, you should discuss with your management team, employees, and partners to decide video marketing goals. Some goals for a social media video marketing strategy are as follows:

  • To communicate/engage with customers on social media platforms by sharing videos.
  • To motivate social media users to buy your product/service.
  • To get social media users talking about your brand and boost brand awareness.
  • To answer the queries of customers on social media sites.
  • To bring customers together on social media sites and build a vast online community.

When you have clear goals, you can streamline the video-making process. Any last-hour confusion will not hamper your video marketing strategy. Make sure that you have documented your video marketing goals for further use.

Select your social media sites

Where will you publish your marketing videos to drive engagement? It is important to decide your social media platforms for marketing in advance. You can go for a platform that allows you to make only a single type of marketing video. For example, social media platforms like TikTok and Snapchat allow you to share only a single type of video.

You can also go for social media platforms that allow you to share different types of videos. For example, Instagram lets you share short videos (reels and stories) and lengthy videos (IGTV videos). You also have to take the usage of social media platforms into account. According to stats, Facebook and YouTube are the best social media sites for launching a video marketing strategy.

Around 47% of social media users prefer to watch video content on Facebook whereas, 41% watch it on YouTube. 8% of social media users prefer Instagram for watching video content. Around 5% of social media users watch video content on Snapchat, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also collect info about social media sites used by your target audience for better decision-making.

Many business owners try to publish videos on many social media sites. Well, starting a video marketing campaign required more attention and, it gets hectic when you have to manage multiple social media accounts. It is better to start publishing videos on 2-3 social media platforms and switch to others after achieving substantial growth.

Decide your marketing videos types

The contemporary digital marketing landscape is dominated by videos. There are different types of marketing videos that can be shared on social media channels. You can decide the type of marketing videos based on your social media marketing goals. For example, if you want to boost sales, you can share product explainer videos with the audience.

There is no compulsion to share only a single type of video on social media channels. If you can create different types of marketing videos, go for it. Some popular types of marketing videos to share on social media sites are as follows:

Product explainer videos

You can explain the working of your product by sharing explainer videos. A video demonstration is much better than a 2000-word blog for product demonstration. You can include product close-up shots to make your video appealing. Engaging product explainer videos contribute positively to business success.

Customer testimonial videos

You can upload interviews with satisfied customers on social media channels. Viewers will relate to a customer sharing positive aspects of your product/service.

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Sneak peek videos

You can share ‘behind-the-scenes’ videos to build a brand persona on social media channels. You can show your employees or the production process to viewers and establish a connection.

Decide on a video editing platform

You need to use a video editing platform to create optimized marketing videos for social media platforms. A video editor will help create professional marketing videos that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

You don’t need to rely on expert individuals for making marketing videos in 2022. With a video editor, anyone can make professional marketing videos in no time. You can decorate your videos with transitions, music, filters, animations, closed captions, and many other things via a video editor. One can rely on InVideo which, is an online video editor with an intuitive UI. For small businesses that do not have ample funds, InVideo offers a free version for a lifetime.

Schedule your marketing videos

It is better to create many marketing videos at once and share them on social media sites at fixed intervals. Social media platforms allow you to schedule marketing videos as per your preferences. If you do not share marketing videos regularly, social media users might migrate to some other businesses. You should have enough marketing content to get started with social media marketing in 2022.

Promote the marketing videos

The task of marketers isn’t finished after sharing marketing videos on social media sites. A marketer needs to make the most out of a promotional video shared on social media sites. It can happen only when you put effort into promoting the videos.


You can make use of social media ads to boost your marketing videos. You can use an SEO strategy to boost the reach of your marketing videos. Start promoting your marketing videos to maximize engagement in 2022!

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