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Advertising with British D’sire TV: The next big opportunity for online sellers to reach millions of customers

What is British D’sire TV?

British D’sire is redefining the concept of modern-day teleshopping, providing its sellers with an opportunity to feature their brand and products through its latest innovative solution, British D’sire TV . British D’sire TV is a home shopping tool, which aims to create a benchmark in the e-commerce world.

It intends to provide its sellers with a platform for reaching customers directly while providing its customers with access to a variety of high-quality affordable luxury products from local businesses all across the United Kingdom.

Keeping pace with the sudden boom in the entrepreneurial + start-up market. It has been observed that there has been exponential growth in the startup market in the last two years. According to a report by (McKinsey & Company, 2020), it was reported that 80% of the SMEs in the United Kingdom have experienced a revenue crisis owing to Covid-19. On the contrary, there has also been an increase of 14% in the start-up industry despite the pandemic according to data (UHY Hacker Young, 2021).

“We strive to champion our SMEs, really getting to know and connecting with them, in order to effectively convey to the world their brand story and message; which helps customers build trust in their brand.”, says the Co-founder of British D’sire.

British D’sire TV will allow businesses to get the exposure they deserve and provide an enhanced product experience to their customers. From 31st August 2022 onwards British D’sire is live on Sky Channel no.- 680, 5:30 PM-6:30 PM (GMT) Daily.

As a seller, are you constantly worried about product exposure? Join British D’sire TV today!

The relevance of British D’sire TV for customers

Non-store retailing is nothing new in the commercial world, it has been around for many years. Visiting a store for their shopping needs seems like a thing of the past, many people have gradually shifted to online shopping and Teleshopping for their needs.

There are various factors that have driven the growth of teleshopping in recent years such as various modes of payment, refunds on orders, discounts, having the option of a live demonstration and affordable pricing.

Besides being a convenient mode of shopping, shopping on TV channels provides a broader overview of the product through demonstrations, which helps customers to understand the product specifications closely.

The gradual shifting of customers from traditional shopping and the demand for convenient shopping options by customers has boosted the concept of bringing British D’sire TV.

British D’sire TV: Opening gates of new possibilities

As a leading provider of marketing solutions in the UK, British D’sire is designed to champion SMEs and support the growth of local businesses. The global shopping network is projected to gather a CAGR of up to 2% over the forecast years 2021-2028. Teleshopping has been one of the fastest growing and preferred shopping modes by customers for many years.

As the market of Teleshopping is growing rapidly, British D’sire TV aims to provide its sellers with a platform that encourages their growth. Subsequently, British D’sire TV also aims to provide its shoppers and customers with a more interactive and seamless shopping experience saving them time and effort by providing them with a platform for shopping on TV, from the comfort of their homes.

D’sire TV

Sellers can start selling on British D’sire TV by following just 5 simple steps:

  1. Register as a seller on BritishD’sire.com
  2. Sign up on British D’sire TV and choose your perfect plan
  3. Send in samples for production
  4. Wait for the Production team to review the sample and commence production
  5. Once the content is ready, get ready to be featured on Sky TV!

British D’sire ensures that its sellers’ products reach a large customer base and their business remains profitable while minimising any obstacles that they may face in the process of doing so. British D’sire is every seller’s preferred choice, due to the solutions and features they provide, some of which include…

  1. Personalised seller stories: We understand that every business is unique, therefore we have a personalised approach to curating marketing material for your brand and products.
  2. Digital assets: We create digital assets for you which can be used for all marketing and promotional activities and will be published on all our social media and communication channels.
  3. No hidden costs: Most businesses come with many hidden costs, which you get to know only after you start selling with them. We at British D’sire have no such hidden costs.
  4. Lowest Commission & Free listings on the marketplace: We charge only 5% commission from our vendors which is the lowest across all the marketplace. On top of it, we also provide free listings on our platform.
  5. Offering TV advertising and shopping to sellers: Through our latest innovative solution, British D’sire TV will open many more doors for sellers in how they currently conduct business.
  6. Customer Loyalty programme (BD Loyalty Rewards Program): To show appreciation and gratitude to our British D’sire family, we have put in place a loyalty programme, where shoppers have the opportunity to earn while they shop using their BD coins.

This new service provides businesses with the opportunity to showcase their brand and products not only on Sky TV but also on all British D’sire’s social media channels; including Facebook, Tiktok and youtube; As well as on the British D’sire marketplace.

The launch of British D’sire TV marks an important milestone for British D’sire as we continue to provide innovative solutions that help our clients succeed. British D’sire TV aims to offer high-quality, in-depth coverage of every vendor’s brand story and products. Whether you’re a fashion designer or glassblower, on British D’sire TV you can showcase your brand all over the United Kingdom. You may check out all plans here.

British D’sire is hopeful that through British D’sire TV, it will open many doors to its sellers, providing them with an additional cost-effective avenue to increase their customer base and sales. To know more about how to sell on TV, check out this blog on British D’sire TV.

Interested in Selling on tv shopping channel? Join British D’sire TV Now!

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