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As the Logistics Industry faces a huge Recruitment Crisis, new campaign launches to Future-proof its Workforce

Without logistics, the world stops: 93% of logistics businesses are facing a critical recruitment crisis.

New research reveals that 90% of people have NEVER considered a career in logistics.
In the midst of a cost of living crisis, a starting salary in the logistics sector is up to 67% more than the minimum wage for 18-20 year olds, and up to 20% higher than those 21 years and older.

Over two thirds of people rate a ‘good work-life balance’ as their most important consideration for a career (69%), closely followed by ‘high rates of pay’ (66%), both of which are offered in the logistics industry.

Launch of industry and government-backed campaign, Generation Logistics, works to plug the skills gap as it combats common misconceptions around the industry, to highlight the diversity of opportunity and career prospects, and support and encourage the next generation of talent.

critical recruitment crisis

The campaign is part-funded by the Department for Transport alongside various logistics companies including Amazon, DHL and more, who recognise the dire nature of the situation.

As the logistics industry faces a critical recruitment crisis, with 93% of all logistics businesses significantly struggling to fill available roles, new research reveals that 90% of the UK population has never considered a career in logistics, despite it holding 4% of the UK’s job market. A new high profile campaign, Generation Logistics, which has received backing from the government and companies including Amazon, DHL and Wincanton, urges people to consider a career in logistics; an industry that has a 100% increase in vacancies year on year, and is critical to keeping the country moving.

While nearly half of all those questioned recognise that the sector is crucial to keeping the country running (40%), the new research reveals that logistics roles are currently not seen as favourably for those seeking employment as jobs in Media and Internet (27%) and Healthcare (23%), and is beaten only by Energy & Utilities (9%) for least desirable. Generation Logistics’ mission is to change this.

critical recruitment crisis

The recent research also showcases that the majority of people now consider a ‘good work-life balance’ as the most important consideration when choosing a career (69%), closely followed by ‘high rates of pay’ (66%). With an average starting salary for a role in logistics up to 67% higher for 18 – 20 year olds, and up to 20% higher for those aged 21 years and older, combined with double the number of jobs available in 2022 when compared to last year, the logistics industry provides valuable career opportunities for those at any stage of their career.

These new findings follow the launch of an industry and government-backed campaign, Generation Logistics which aims to challenge perceptions and raise awareness of the opportunities within the sector. Created in collaboration with Logistics UK and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT UK), the new initiative aims to bring the industry together, challenge outdated perceptions, and pave the way for a new and diverse workforce.

Aimed at audiences including young adults aged 16 – 24 years, career switchers, and maternity or paternity leave returners, Generation Logistics brings to life a new platform designed to highlight the many benefits of working in the industry and outline how logistics roles can, and do, meet the highest priorities of the next generation of workers.

critical recruitment crisis

Offering an online hub full of resources, learning materials and job openings, alongside partnerships with leading industry bodies, trade associations and vital core businesses across all freight modes including Amazon, DHL and many more, Generation Logistics will make it significantly easier for people to kick start their career in the industry and pave the way for the future of logistics.

Phil Roe, President at Logistics UK, commented: “The pandemic truly shone a light on the logistics industry, underlining the importance of our key workers and the critical role our sector plays in everyday life. With that in mind, it’s crucial we do all we can to engage with the next generation to encourage them to bring their talents to our industry. We are hoping to puncture some of the myths around the sector, and provide a clear, practical pathway for those who want to explore whether a career in logistics could be for them – from truck drivers through to data scientists, robotics engineers and everything in-between.”

Bethany Windsor, Programme Manager of Generation Logistics, added: “Filling roles in logistics is a challenge, as many people do not know we exist, or appreciate the breadth of jobs available. Through Generation Logistics, we will raise awareness of the many opportunities available, but also highlight the accessibility of those opportunities at all levels – from school levers to those seeking a career change later in life. Over the next 12 months we’ll be highlighting all the exciting opportunities that logistics has to offer to professionals at all levels and from all backgrounds. From self-driving vehicles to state of the art warehousing, logistics has something for everyone, and we’re looking forward to sharing it!”

Generation Logistics is an industry led, government-backed initiative to increase industry awareness and find the next generation of logistics industry talent. Working in collaboration with companies and trade associations from across the sector, the campaign will challenge perceptions and demonstrate the breadth and diversity of the career opportunities available.

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