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Baskcart Bulk Scan App – The App that Helps Both Customers and Retailers

Baskcart Bulk Scan is a mobile app offered by [email protected]. This app is supposed to help you with scanning items that you buy in retail stores.

The confirmation of originality, product detailing, and price information is no big deal when you have the Baskcart Bulk Scan app at hand.

It possesses less than 19 MB; thus does not overburden your phone or device you install in. The app holds the ability to scan all items at once, thus making the work even easier and faster.

Below are listed some of the advantages of the Baskcart Bulk Scan app that helps to make your life a little easier by their convenient scanning method.

scanning product app

Advantages of Baskcart Bulk Scan App

Unlike other apps of scanning, it does not glitch when more products are scanned at once. They already have a default mode set in it, that when you scan a product, it already gets added.

There is a dual-mode of scanning. One is where you scan items individually, and the other in which you can continuously scan a product.

They make removing the item from the cart easy by adding a quick removing option enable. Just you need to remove the item and start over your scan.

You can either remove one item or several at a time. This way, the options to add more products get enabled and buy more products on your cart.

The QR code on the screen gets a continuous update once other added and previous products are removed and present QR code at checkout.

Request Access

This QR code scanner and reader app require access to the camera to take pictures and videos of the scanning product and the QR code on it.

It may also ask for your permission to use Flashlight in certain cases where needed.

They have got 100+ downloads already as It was released on November 25, 2020. They have a revised version of 1.0.2 that allows easy code scanning and removing.

Once you download an app, it asks for permission to use the above apps to complete its task of scanning your QR codes and products. They need to keep your privacy and safety first thus seeks your permission for it.

Developers Contact

Visit their website at

Or you can contain their email at [email protected]

This way, you can deeply have knowledge of the app, and you will make it more convenient to use it. They can be easily done by the above given contacting methodology.

To Wrap Up

As you have gone through all the above features of the bask cart app, you might have gotten an idea till now that how convenient it gets with this app to scan your items at retail stores.

They have designed the app according to their users’ needs and keeping their convenience as their top priority. Dual-mode of scanning and removing items is what makes it easier to use by its users. You can install this app from the Play Store for free and take advantage of its amazing services.


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