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Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in Hungary

Companies having their virtual offices have a lot of benefits. Not only does it makes the work efficient, but it also saves the company from a lot of costs from office rentals and equipment, construction, and changing of registered address.

Many small and new businesses are considering having a virtual office in Hungary. The virtual office service makes their limited budget to be utilized in products that can give them more profit than having it spent on monthly rentals or the need for leasehold improvements.

Fortunately, FirmaX can provide anything you need in creating an office – a registered office location, communication services, and administrative and technical support.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring Virtual Office Services?

Virtual Office

Registered Office

A registered address is a requirement of the Hungarian government whenever a new company is established. This address should be where your company records are kept, can be inspected, and can be visited whenever a document is requested or sent.

If you still haven’t registered yours, Firmax has a company house facility that can be used as your registered office. You will be able to have a registered office at a low cost and without having to pay for your rent.

Extensive Client Communication Services

As part of the virtual office services, Firmax provides office solutions such as answering queries, receiving messages from your clients which will be forwarded to your email, and connecting a client call directly to you whenever and wherever needed.

Firmax will be providing a local landline number for your company which you can give to your clients. Once they call, it will be answered by Firmax’s trained people as if they are your employees. Your instructions on phone answering will be strictly followed and voicemails for your company will be sent through email automatically, and all fax messages will be kept confidential.

Since you will be using Firmax’s company house facilities, they will be receiving the airmails and packages which will be forwarded to your address.

Firmax also has a physical meeting and conference room equipped with anything you may need during conference meetings. These are free to use if you need to schedule a meeting.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get if you decide to have your virtual office Hungary. In addition to these, Firmax will be setting up the virtual office immediately, processing all papers about providing contact numbers, as well as administrative and technical support once you need on-site services.

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