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Biggest Event Tech Trends from Consumer Electronics Show 2020

So, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 just happened in Las Vegas, and it presented some newest trends in the technology world. You must be thinking: what does CES has to do with event planning. You might not be interested in the products showcased at CES; however, you should be because it may have a huge impact on future events.

This year CES took to another level with companies like Google showing impressive new technologies. It presented some innovative tech that will undoubtedly impact the consumers at your events. Knowing about these techs is highly essential for every event organizer if they don’t want to stick to the usual tactics of VR and struggling to make an impact.

If you are curious, Read on!

CES 2012 - Consumer Electronics Show

Top 5 Biggest Event Tech Trends from CES 2020 That you need to know

Without further ado, let’s look at some of the trendiest techs that are and may soon become essential for making your event interactive and cool. This is the future of the event industry, so you must get yourself acquainted with these trends to create something new for your attendees.

1. Smart Speakers Voice is Everywhere

This might not be news to you as more than 28% of the US homes use smart speakers and voice assistance. This tech is mainstream; however, it still needs to be incorporated into the event industry. Voice assistants and smart speakers are perfect for events where your attendees can interact with them and engage in new ways.

One of the most interactive exhibits was Google’s “Hey Google.” This Google Assistant voice technology can be used anywhere. It allows you to have a human conversation with AI software. By using this technology, you can have more than just a smart home, but a smart, living event that interacts with the attendees and guests like a host.

CES 2012 - Consumer Electronics Show

2. 5G is the next big thing

5G has been rumored to revolutionize not only the event industry but the whole concept of connectivity and wireless communication. With 5G, you don’t have to worry about Wi-Fi issues at the event venue, as it is a thing of the past. The benefits of 5G are obvious for the event industry. And we got a glimpse of the potential of 5G at the Chainsmokers concert with Verizon’s 5G technology and AR.

5G technology is a much needed structural change in the events because it opens up new realms of possibilities. With 5G, you can transfer huge amounts of data within seconds, and your attendees can consistently do social media marketing on your behalf with a reliable connection. So, do consult event companies in Abu Dhabi for 5G if you wish to create a fantastic event with AR activation and holograms.

3. Chatbots are old!

It’s safe to say; Chatbots are over! This may come as a surprise for you, but Chatbots are a thing of the past now with the new technology of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Forget about Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR); you can experience both at a shopping mall or an arcade. Artificial Intelligence is making things interesting – in a scary and new kind of way!

One of the most interesting techs at CES was Samsung’s project Neon. It is the latest smart assistant or a humanoid AI chatbot that acts like Siri or Cortana, but it is better because it displays emotions. It looks like a digital avatar that is essentially turning chatbots into humans with learning and memory. Imagine having one of these at your events and the reaction of your attendees!

4. The Bigger, the Better!

The mosawe-worthy part of the CES was Panasonic’s gigantic booth that was almost the size of a city than an exhibit stand. But the most outstanding feature was the high-definition 8K projectors. If you are planning on hosting a large event then large screens and displays are a must. However, with the size of these displays, you must ensure a crisp image.

There were also interactive displays that reacted to hand gestures. It is no surprise that screens and digital displays are getting bigger and bigger at conferences and private events. These displays are a norm in international events and conferences. However, 8k will become the new normal in the events with unlimited interaction. Consider the possibilities of using this at your events!

5. Projection-Mapping & Projectors

It is not possible to talk about even tech and not discuss the projectors. This might not be something cool for most people, but it is a great turning point for events. CES showcased several short-range projectors that are capable of displaying a 4k resolution image on any surface. With this technology, you don’t have to mount your projectors in the middle of the room or somewhere high.

With these projectors, you can create multiple 3D projection mapping in your events without creating extra space on the floor to accommodate projectors. Thus, you don’t have to worry about people tripping on wires and projector stands. For this tech, you need to consult one of the event companies in Abu Dhabi to provide you with a better projection for your next event.

abu dhabi

The Future of Events is here!

These are some of the coolest event tech trends from the CES 2020. Now the question is will these techs be available in 2020? Probably not all of them, but some of them are already in use, and some will be available at any time. So, you better be ready for it. One tech that is widely being used and experimented within the event industry is the 5G technology, as it is helping event planners to run events smoothly.

Be ready to use these coolest techs to host an interactive event that your guest will absolutely love!

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