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Car Analytics Bags Two Awards in 2020 Amidst the Global Pandemic– Know Why

In 2020 there were over 113 thousand motor vehicle thefts in England in Wales, which is the equivalent of one theft every nine minutes, or 154 per day. It was with statistics like these in mind that the London-based Car Analytics organisation was established in November 2018, aiming to offer completely free vehicle history checks to its consumers and assist motorists in purchasing and selling vehicles. It has subsequently since grown considerably and, not only has the company surpassed its competition in various ways, its reliable reputation has gained it two awards in the middle of the 2020 global pandemic. Here’s how.


Car Analytics Offers the Cheapest Alternative to HPI Checks

The vehicle history checking industry is extremely competitive. Although companies such as HPI might have once dominated the market, there are now various cheaper, more affordable alternatives. Car Analytics is one of the best and cheapest of these HPI Check alternatives. It offers an entirely free vehicle check, which provides its clients with the essential data, statistics and information on their chosen used vehicle. The detailed, more comprehensive, full vehicle check it also provides has proven to be a popular choice during the pandemic, with an increasing number of clients making use of the service due to its reduced price. Formerly £9.99, the price for a full check is now £8.95.

The Company Provides a Reassuring £40,000 Data Guarantee

Purchasing a used vehicle is often expensive. The latest, most popular sports cars released in 2020, like the 2020 Mazda MX-5 Miata and the BMW Z4, are considerable investments with large price tags. The Mazda MX-5 Miata, for instance, could set you back £23,800, and UK consumers who invest thousands of pounds in vehicles like these understand that a reliable vehicle check is critical.


The most reliable vehicle history check services offer their clients considerable guarantees and significant discounts. Car Analytics is one of these dependable, reliable vehicle history services. The company’s services are backed by a £40,000 guarantee, which is another factor that has helped the company to thrive during the pandemic. It also puts Car Analytics ahead of its competition.

Returning Customers Receive Significant Discounts

As 84% of motorists wouldn’t buy a used car without its complete history, it makes sense that they would use a vehicle history checking service to find out as much information as possible before purchasing a car. The best vehicle history services offer comprehensive reports and enable their consumers to compare the statistics of several vehicles.

Car Analytics is one of the best vehicle history services because it has an in-depth knowledge of the UK automotive market and shrewdly offers its returning clients reduced prices for further checks. This not only gives its clients complete peace of mind when purchasing and comparing used cars, it’s also the reason why Car Analytics has won two awards during the 2020 pandemic. Its reduced price for further checks – (£6.99) is a favourite with its clients letting them compare the history of many vehicles and make an educated choice.

Car Analytics Offers a Range of Extra Services

Convenience and easy access to a range of services is key in the automotive industry. Not only do motorists want reassurance that their vehicle’s history is reliable, they also need to consider factors such as MOT bookings, searching for vehicle parts or selling a vehicle.


Car Analytics offers its clients all of these. It is a one-stop-shop for motorists looking for a selection of vehicle services under one roof. With Car Analytics you can gain assistance when searching for and booking alocal MOT check, shop for vehicle parts and sell your vehicle with Car Analytics’ partner site, Motorway. This combination of services has proved incredibly popular during the pandemic. In fact, with its extensive range of services, Car Analytics’ sales even doubled in between April and June 2020.

As more and more individuals seek to “avoid public transport as much as possible”, interest in car buying has surged during the lockdown in the UK. Motorists looking to purchase a vehicle can search and compare their options with easeby using Car Analytics’ partner site This site lets you save time, shortlist your vehicles and inspect them closely before making your choice. As it enables you to purchase your car online it is the ideal solution to purchasing vehicles during the pandemic and is a favourite with UK motorists.

Car Analytics: A Vehicle History Service Boasting Accolades and Awards

With the stakes being so high when purchasing a used vehicle, selecting the best, most reliable vehicle history checking service is key to your peace of mind – and Car Analytics is among the best of the best. Winner of the Best Vehicle History Checking Service award in 2020, from the Small and Medium Enterprise News, and the Best Vehicle Data Check Provider UK, in the Global Automotive Awards 2020, the company’s reputation is constantly growing. If you are among the many UK motorists in the market for a used vehicle, find out exactly why Car Analytics deserves these awards and discover more about its services at

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