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Chaotic Teams Cost Companies Billions: “Team”, a new book on improving Teamwork

The two leading authorities of the GTD method, widely used by millions to enhance personal productivity, have released a groundbreaking new book which takes a new approach, setting out a roadmap to team productivity, health, and sustainability. Published by Little, Brown (Piatkus imprint) in the UK and Penguin Random House (Viking imprint) in the US, “Team” has been praised by a raft of well-known business leaders and thinkers and sold out on the first day of release and is already going into a second print run.

GTD is an acronym for Getting Things Done, a method Wired called a “new cult for the info age”.

Tom Asker, Editorial Director at Robinson & Piatkus|Little, Brown Book Group, said:

“Having witnessed the life-changing impact GTD has had on readers all over the world, we have been looking forward to publishing ‘Team’ for a very long time.

It has been especially pleasing to see the entire first print run sell through so quickly and the eBook and audiobook editions in such demand.”

Getting Things Done


Co-author of “Team”, Edward Lamont, believes the book’s rapid success underscores the urgent need to address a crisis in workplace teams.

“Today’s workforce is at a breaking point,” said Lamont. “Employees are overwhelmed, exhausted, and disengaged, finding the workplace an unsupportive, disjointed environment. This poses a serious threat to economic stability and productivity.”

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report, low employee engagement is costing the global economy $8.8 trillion, equivalent to 9% of global GDP, with only 23% of the global workforce actively engaged in their jobs.

“The pressures of the post-pandemic workplace,” continued Lamont, “intensified by the rise of remote and hybrid work environments, distributed teams, and new technology, demand urgent solutions to restore cohesion and efficiency.

Teamwork, or lack of it, is the weakest link today in workplace health and output.


“‘Getting Things Done’ was a New York Times bestseller,” said Lamont.

“But there was always something nagging at us. People were always asking – can you tell us how to get other people on board? Then the pandemic, and hybrid working happened and people were becoming seriously stressed out about the health, or lack of health, of their teams. ‘Team’ is the product of two years’ intensive research and draws on over twenty years consulting for world-leading companies, we believe we’ve created a robust solution.”

“Team” offers a game-changing manual for successful teamwork, setting out an innovative approach to better cohesion and more sustainable output, while simultaneously nourishing a culture that allows individuals’ skills to flourish.

Using case studies from some of the world’s largest and most successful companies, “Team” shows how leaders have employed the principles of group productivity to improve communication, enable effective execution, and reduce stress on team members.


“Ed Lamont and David Allen have captured the best practices for working with people to produce the best possible results. TEAM is a no-nonsense manual for doing just that, no matter what your goal is or who you’re working with to achieve it.

If you’re invested in making good things happen, and need others to assist, this is must read.”

Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

“Getting Things Done is a superb approach to improving personal productivity and reducing stress, so I was extremely pleased to see that David Allen and Ed Lamont have now adapted the method to declutter teamwork in a clear and forthright way.

In a time of ever greater stress and burnout this is a timely and important book.”

Andrew Reed, CEO, Royal College of Surgeons

“David Allen and Edward Lamont tap into their vast experience to reveal the core principles that make teams, not just individuals, get things done. They show you how to cut through the noise, align your group’s efforts, and foster a remarkably high-performing team.

With their guidance, you’ll transform your team into a focused force, poised to achieve its objectives with less stress and more success.”

Guy Kawasaki, Author of Think Remarkable

“David and Ed have brilliantly nailed what works and what doesn’t in the tricky, complicated world of working with others to get the right things done.”

Chip Conley, Founder of MEA and New York Times bestselling author

“Team: Getting Things Done with Others builds on the revolutionary principles of “Getting Things Done” to address the crucial aspect of team dynamics in today’s ever-evolving workplace.

It provides a transformative approach to collaboration and is packed with case studies from globally successful companies. It’s a roadmap to effective communication, efficient execution, and a vital addition for groups of any size in the post-pandemic world.”

Charles Duhigg, bestselling author of The Power of Habit and Supercommunicators

“I’ve spent the past years growing my business from one shop in London to selling in multiple stores around the world.

That is only possible by building a great team, and anyone who is part of a team or managing a team MUST read this book. End of. If only they taught this stuff at school…”


“This book is very timely as the world of work is changing, but the underlying principles and practices of human collaboration are just as important as they have ever been. It’s been said that nothing of great significance has ever been accomplished by a single person, acting alone.

‘Team’ takes an incredible methodology and creates the opportunity to have its impact grow exponentially in your personal and professional life.”

Randal D. Fullhart, Major General, USAF (retired), Commandant of Cadets, Virginia Tech


Since the release of David Allen’s seminal book, “Getting Things Done”, aimed at creating better personal productivity techniques, millions have used its methodology to enhance productivity. The Guardian said that Allen’s ideas were “nothing short of life changing” and in 2007, Time magazine named “Getting Things Done” as the self-help business book of its time.

Now, GTD originator David Allen and Edward Lamont, founder of the largest GTD consultancy in Europe, promise a transformative approach to creating healthy, happy sustainably productive teams.


Team: Getting Things Done with Others is a groundbreaking collaboration between former FT business journalist and GTD consultancy head Edward Lamont and renowned bestselling author David Allen.

In response to a growing demand from GTD enthusiasts, this book adapts the highly successful GTD methodology for group productivity.

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