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Gardening Tech Startup Launches ‘Sproutl Collections’ Instant Gardening

Sproutl is a new dedicated gardening tech startup platform. A one-stop-shop for all your gardening needs. Designed to demystify gardening, making it accessible and fun and inspiring for a fresh new audience who may never have planted anything before.

New research from Sproutl shows that 71% of people new to gardening say they find the hobby confusing.

To make things easier, Sproutl, the new curated online gardening marketplace, has launched Sproutl Collections, which offer a ‘few swipes’ solutions to the most common gardening problems. The four exclusive, trend-led ranges cover everything from framing your front door with the perfect trees and pots to nailing the latest houseplant look.

Gardening Tech Startup

Sproutl Collections draws from thousands of plants and pots on the site to offer customers a simple, curated choice to pick and mix from. Clever behind the scenes filters then help create bespoke solutions to help gardeners quickly select the perfect plant and pot combination for any location within seconds.

The team have also created a complimentary compost calculator to ensure shoppers order just the right amount of peat-free soil for their pots and the ranges come with “Sproutl Aftercare” – foolproof guides to help keep plants alive.


Research from across the horticultural market, shared by Sproutl:

*Most UK consumers have purchased a garden product in the last 12 months.

*During the lockdown, the number of gardeners rose by three million last year.

*Nearly half of these new gardeners are under forty-five and digital natives.

*Although enthusiastic, 71% of new gardeners found the pastime confusing due to the number of options and variables. Many cited a paralysis of choice when selecting plants, pots, soils and positions.

*Outdoor plant sales in 2021 were up 38.90% on the previous year and 29.26% up on 2019.

*Sales in seeds and bulbs were up 17.22% in 2021 compared to 2020 and 23.54% up in 2019.

*Furniture and barbecue sales in 2021 were up 60.95% on the previous year and up 71.24% in 2019. This is due to people’s newfound appreciation for their outdoor spaces over the past couple of years.

*And it’s not just outside in 2021 houseplant sales were 29% higher than in 2020 and 50% up on 2019.


These market insights spurred Sproutl to create the four capsule ranges:

  1. Instant Impact – this allows you to make a big impact in your garden with a trio of large plants and pots.
  2. Front Door Makeover – Instantly upgrade your doorstep with statement plants and pots to frame your entrance.

3.One Pot Herb Garden – Pick & mix your favourite flavours for your one-pot herb garden. Fresh, seasonal, sustainable.

  1. Indoor Jungle – Get the jungle look with three different sized houseplants to transform any space.


Prices start at £30

Anni Noel Johnson, Co-founder and CEO of Sproutl, comments:

“Over the last three months of development, we have carried out a huge amount of user testing to understand the problems our customers face when it comes to making gardening purchases. The software that powers Sproutl Collections is the output of many months of work from our tech engineers, who have created an online solution to take the guesswork out of buying plants, reimagining gardening for the twenty-first century.” She continues, “We have curated four Collections of beautiful easy-care plants and used smart algorithms to consider factors like; plant height, light requirements, how big the plant will grow and match them with not only the right sized pot but also the soil it loves. All delivered to the door in a few clicks – this is gardening made easy.”

Hollie Newton, chief creative officer, comments, “With daily lives transformed by the pandemic and more Britons continuing to work mainly from home in a hybrid manner, gardening has experienced its biggest boom ever with thousands of new people taking up gardening. Our mission is to make gardening easy, and Sproutl Collections are designed to make anyone an instant gardening pro.”

Gardening Tech Startup Sproutl: Gardening Made Easy. The modern garden. Delivered to your door.

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