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How to Hire Local Truck Drivers + Hourly Workers

Too many employers make the mistake of underestimating the influence that high quality hourly workers can have on their businesses. Like salaried employees, hourly workers affect productivity, morale, company image, and more, and that’s why you need a hiring professional technology company as Monster.

To Hire Hourly Workers; begin by assessing and upgrading the key stages of your recruitment process: employee sourcing, interviewing techniques, and employee screening. A relatively modest investment of time and money up front should pay for itself many times over.

Hire Local Truck Drivers

To Hire Local Truck Drivers; you have to think how can you successfully hire a local delivery truck driver who will meet your needs and standards? Experienced recruiters say that successful truck driver candidates are just as much diplomat as driver, as they’re the face of the company to customers and the public at large.

Check out the applicants for skills, background, certifications and other qualities to look for when it comes to truck driver hiring, as well as some expert tips from recruiters in the field.

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