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How to Keep the Stress at Bay as a New Physician

Without a doubt, being a physician can be a stressful experience. Licensed physicians are already well aware of this, as the road to being a medical practitioner is similarly rife with stressful and hectic situations. It often gets to the point where the practitioner cannot maintain a healthy balance between their work and their health.

Fortunately, while it might be challenging to strike a balance, it is by no means impossible to do so. Physicians have to live up to expectations, but you can undoubtedly get the job done while still keeping an eye on your health with these tips.

Catch up with friends and family

It cannot be stressed enough how crucial this part is to maintain a healthy work and life balance. Catching up with friends and family might not feel like a big deal, but it can be quite easy to feel alone when the schedule starts getting too challenging. Make time for your friends and family, give them a call and ask them how they’re doing — not only will it help distract you from stressful situations, but it can help motivate you for the responsibilities to come.

The crucial part of contacting friends and family is to let you know that no matter what, you are not alone. Work might keep you from visiting and catching up in person, but there are plenty of ways to get in touch with loved ones.


Have you considered locum tenens?

One of the most interesting ways to breathe new life into a physician’s career is through locum tenens. Considering that it involves using a physician recruiter that could potentially send you to remote facilities to fill in the role of a physician, it might seem intimidating and even more stressful. Surprisingly, the result is often the opposite of stressful. Not only do you get to choose where you work, but there is less administrative work overall, allowing you to focus on what you do best without worrying about a hectic schedule.

While locum tenens can be a big leap forward for many physicians, it is worth looking into. It is especially true for newer physicians that want to prove themselves!

Don’t let your work consume every waking hour

Considering the workdays of some medical practitioners, such a thing is easier said than done. However, it is crucial to take your free time as seriously as you take your work hours. Find time to enjoy yourself, as it can be too easy to feel like you have little control of your life if every waking moment is spent thinking about work. Whenever you have free time, make the most of it by treating yourself to your favorite food or hobbies.

Aside from the above tips, ensure that you are well hydrated! It can be ironic how well some physicians take care of others and how poorly they take care of themselves. Taking care of your physical and mental well-being is priority number one, as it will also help ensure that you make sound decisions when you work.

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