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How to Write a Perfect Thank You Letter to the Customer

Imagine that: you receive a handwritten mail message, yes real mail, what a surprise!

The Help Scout team was a big fan of mail messages sent via regular mailbox rather than email, really amazing that a little paper clip did not take much effort to write with a few words of thanks for its magical effect to the customer, and the ROI of the company is negotiable. This is only for a handwritten thank-you letter that reaches your customer.

The rate of return on investment from the customer’s written thank-you letter

thank you

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If you have trouble showing gratitude to your customers, remember that you run a company, and without your customers, you have nothing to do.

Your appreciation for your customers and your desire to return to buy from you and the recommendation of their friends that can be expressed in a handwritten thank-you letter which is also a proven way (it will not cost you much) to gain the loyalty of your customers.

To rest your heart more, let’s take a look at research in this context.

In one of the experiments aimed at increasing personal contact between young people suffering from some disorders and their supervisors, supervisors received weekly thanks from the homes they visited. These messages led to an increase in the percentage of young people who incur these visits from 43% to 78%. When the thank you messages stopped arriving, this traffic fell to 50%.

In another experiment, the “Donors Choose” platform staff – which allows donors to fund classroom projects in their public schools of choice – sent handwritten thank-you letters to half of the new donors and the other half did not receive a letter of thanks.

In conclusion, 38% of people who received the thank you message were more willing to donate again. The platform adopted handwritten thank-you messages in its profitable business model, why? Because the donors who chose to receive a written thank you note increased their average annual donation by 41%, which translated into about $ 3M an increase in the annual donation rate.

According to author Robert Sialaldini’s interpretation of best-selling “Impact: The Psychology of Persuasion,” the principle of reciprocity is the motivation behind this outcome.

Of course, no one wants to feel indebted to others, so we often face giving and giving and we are keen to return the favor, as well as when customers receive a discretionary symbol such as a handwritten letter of thanks, they feel their desire to return the favor by re-dealing with you and encouraging and recommending With your products or services.

The simple, deep-impact things that are a huge success factor for your customers deserve to be invested multiple times.

How to write a thank you letter to the customer

Here is a sample letter of thanks that you can use to write a letter of thanks that your customers will love:

  • Greet the customer with his name.
  • Express your gratitude and explain the reason for sending the message.
  • Include some details about why you enjoy your experience with this customer – it’s a great opportunity to be specific and direct.
  • Repeat your thanks.
  • Seal your message in a beautiful way that expresses you and your company (Kindly respect, with all due respect, best wishes …) and then sign in your name.

Examples of customer’s letter of thanks

These are three templates that will help and inspire you when writing a thank-you letter to the customer:

The first example

My dear Nisreen, I noticed that you have been our customer in Gold Technologies for four years, really! Thank you for being with us all this time, and for all your feedback that you submitted during the trial period of the beta version of the Golden Plan. Yousra, Golden Technologies

The second example

Hello Adham, Thank you very much for bringing your entire team into gold technologies while testing our product, your belief in us means a lot to us, and I am very happy with my work with your team during this period, you helped us to provide a better product for thousands of other people, very grateful for your choosing to work with us, And thank you for giving us an opportunity to grow with you, I look forward to seeing you at the next conference! 🙂

My best wishes for health. Tim and your friends in gold techniques

The third example

Hi Anwar, Thank you for joining this week’s webinar, and for your helpful comments on the role of customer support in cybersecurity, I am a big fan of you and your company which is a leader in this field. I know that you are working with Zainab on the upgrade from the regular plan to the advanced plan (I am glad that your team seems to be growing well). Of course, do not hesitate to contact me whenever you want. Good luck, Mohamed from Golden Technologies Note: I mentioned that your son collects stickers, I attached some of them to him, I hope he keeps them in the poster book away from the walls this time 😉

Tips for writing a better thank-you message

thank you

When sending a handwritten thank-you letter to your clients, follow these tips so you can get the best possible positive result:

  • Do not use a red pen! This color leaves the impression that you are shouting at the customer’s face, the blue or black pen will do the trick, and if you like the colors, you tend to have fun with your card.
  • Make your message reflect your work if your work is in a veterinary clinic, make your card fun and enjoyable, but if you are an architectural company then reflect your image through a simple and smart message, the message can always express your identity and work.
  • Do not make your handwriting an argument for not writing a thank-you letter, you do not need rhetoric in this letter but rather you need to appear real and honest, your handwriting and style will enhance this for the recipient.
  • Don’t wait too long to send a thank-you message so the customer forgets why you thanked him.
  • Always remember that you are mailing to express your gratitude so avoid sending promotions and brochures for your business with this message.
  • Express the true identity of your company, it is okay to draw a smiling face or even a heart, do not be afraid to list everything that matches your business identity in a gentle manner.
  • You can send some gifts with this message if the occasion bears it. Having a code expressing your gratitude beside the message won’t hurt, you can send a book, a shirt, or even some baked goods.

thank you

Convenient options for sending thank-you messages to customers

If the number of messages to be sent is large and not all of them can be written, one of the following is definitely better than not sending the messages at all:

Postable: Print your letter with one of the handwriting they have on their fully reusable cards, as well as put postage stamps and send the message. It’s only drawback is the ability to tell customers that it is a printed message and not a handwritten letter.

Handwritten: If you do not want to send a printed message, this platform is suitable for you, your message will be written in real ink on paper by a robot, yes a real robot that writes the letter with real ink.

Feltapp: An application that enables you to write your message in your handwriting via your iPhone or iPad, choose an image from your library, set the address to be sent to (even the envelope is handwritten), and they take care of the process of sending mail.

Sending a thank-you gesture is well worth the time

A well-written email can show sincere gratitude, but there are special occasions when we need to do more to send a real message through a real mailbox, true and true feelings need a delivery medium that maintains your credibility and authenticity in a way that email can simply do.

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