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Gain top skills from these most popular courses and get a personal discount to save on your enrollment! Get your discount from Udacity and Imagine your future!

What do you want to learn today? What’s your dream job? Discover the program that’s right for you!

  • Front End Web Developer: Learn how to build websites and dynamic applications to create stunning user experiences for the web.
  • Robotics Software Engineer: Build hands-on projects to acquire core robotics software engineering skills.
  • Computer Vision Expert: Write programs to analyze images, implement feature extraction, and recognize objects using deep learning models.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BI: Meet the growing demand for data analysis and visualization professionals by gaining the Power BI skills.
  • Java Programmer: Advance your career with Java techniques like syntax, conditional statements, functions, loops and collections.
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer: Operationalize infrastructure at scale and deliver applications and services at high velocity.
  • Data Product Manager: Leverage data to build products that deliver the right experiences, to the right users, at the right time.
  • AI Programming with Python: Learn Python, NumPy, pandas, Matplotlib, PyTorch, Calculus, and Linear Algebra—the foundations for building your own neural network.
  • Android Kotlin Developer: Build professional apps for the world’s most popular mobile platform using Android Studio and Kotlin.

Save 15% more with Udacity bundle subscription option. You can apply for a Personal Discount to use on both bundle or monthly subscription options.

When you pay upfront for a bundle Nanodegree program subscription, you get an additional 15% off. Udacity students love this option because once you’ve completed your 3‍-4‍ mon‍th program bundle, you’ll have the option to renew mon‍th to mo‍nth. This way, you can learn as long as you want.

Udacity recently launched the Digital Freelancer Nanodegree program, and we wanted to let you know that enrollment is open!

Why become a Freelance Developer?

Enroll now in one of Udacity latest programsFast-growing market need. As the world goes digital, there is always a need for freelancers to fill in the skills gaps at organizations.

Increased earning potential. Land high-paying freelancer positions with the benefit of choosing your own schedule using the fundamental tools Udacity provides.

Career advancement. Equipped with new skills, learners will be ready for any real-life workplace challenges.

Can’t wait to see you in the classroom at today!

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