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Majority Of Consumers Now Ready For Online Car Purchase

Car leasing comparison website Moneyshake’s latest research highlights a significant shift in consumer behaviour with 82% of customers stating that they would now be happy for their new car journey to be completely online, reducing the importance of the traditional test drive.

The emergence of online car marketplaces, car finance comparison websites and the growing presence of franchised dealerships online has seen an increase in people carrying out a car purchase from the comfort of their own home. These platforms make it possible to order a new car in just a few clicks, often with free delivery included.

The rapid growth to prominence of these platforms inspired the brand to survey customer attitudes towards online car buying, car dealerships and how consumer media trends are driving vehicle purchase habits.


The research revealed that whilst 37% still wanted to visit a dealership when looking for a new car, the majority didn’t feel a test drive was necessary. This finding was driven by the wealth of readily-available online research materials that can be used to inform a new car choice. Independent car reviews, video test drives and side-by-side model comparisons make it much easier to make an informed decision about their potential purchase.

Technology has also made it easier for people to get a better deal, with comparison sites such as Moneyshake being one example of how the customer journey has evolved. Moneyshake CEO, Eben Lovatt, said:

“Our products are dedicated to empowering the consumer to streamline their options and get the best deal. In today’s market, choice is so vast that it’s important that we listen to what our customers want and continue to find new ways to ensure customers are confident when making major purchase decisions.”

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