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Meaco’s bestselling Arete® One dehumidifier wins international design award

Meaco, the UK’s leading air treatment brand, has been declared a Red Dot Design award winner for its hugely popular Arete® One 20L dehumidifier. The Red Dot award is one of the world’s largest design competitions. The jury were taken with the dehumidifier’s “seamless design and the user-friendly concept of emptying the water tank”.

The MeacoDry Arete® One – named after the Greek Goddess of excellence in all things – launched in 2021 after nearly five years of development, involving feedback from over 2000 customers. The Arete® One is a combined compressor dehumidifier and air purifier that is more energy efficient than its competitors (at just 7p per hour to run, based on the October 2022 price of 34p per kWh per hour.), saving customers money on their energy bills and reducing their impact on the environment.

Meaco Red Dot Design award 2023
Chris Michael, Managing Director of Meaco, and Matthew Emery-Laws, Co-founder of Agency of Design at the Red Dot Gala awards ceremony

After reviewing feedback and developing innovative solutions centred on the user experience, Meaco meticulously created the Arete® One collection with a stylish design to help it complement the home environment. Designed to blend into the home like a piece of furniture, the Arete® One provides customers with a solution to common household problems without looking like another white appliance.

The dehumidifier models, which come in different sizes to suit different sized properties, are twice as quiet as the industry standard, achieving a Quiet Mark award.  Each Arete® One comes with a medical grade H13 HEPA air filter to keep the home healthy. The Arete® One 20L has also been rated as a Which? Best Buy.

The Arete® One range features a simple, sleek control panel, an intelligent Night Mode which switches off display lights and lowers its fan speed to run even quieter. Its internal water tank has been designed specifically to make it easy to remove and empty without spillage.

The Arete® One 20L dehumidifier will now carry the Red Dot label, which is known internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design. The Red Dot stands for belonging to the best in design and business.

“We’re extremely proud of the Meaco Arete® One collection and are thrilled to be recognised with such a prestigious award,” says Chris Michael, managing director of Meaco. “The Red Dot label means a great deal to us as we invested so much to get the design of this range perfect for consumers. In-depth customer research helped us to understand pain-points and experiences of dehumidifiers users which we then developed into user-centred high-quality design.

“It took time to develop a product that had everything consumers were looking for without compromising on other important design ideals, but this award is proof that the Arete® One collection delivers on everything we set out to do.”

When the cost-of-living crisis hit in autumn of 2022, many UK consumers were turning the thermostat down and drying clothes naturally rather than using an energy-sapping tumble dryer, all in a bid to save on household bills. This activity was increasing moisture in the air that resulted in more damp and mould problems than previous years.

This combined with unusual spells of very cold and wet weather led to popularity of dehumidifiers almost doubling in the second half of 2022. Google Trends data shows that dehumidifiers have gained considerable interest with consumers in the second half of 2022, with popularity almost doubled since November 2021.

Research in November 2022 identified that the Arete® One 20L could save consumers as much as £143 a year when compared to other brands, and that Meaco was searched for online at least four times more than its competitors.

A dehumidifier that can extract up to 12 litres a day, with a wattage of 157w (0.157 kWh) would cost just over 5p an hour based on the October 2022 price of 34p per kWh per hour. Research completed by Meaco in 2022 after the spring price rate rise found that the Meaco Arete One 20L was £143 a year cheaper to run than its worst performing competitor, based on six hours use per day over 365 days.  The next best machine after Arete was still £39.25 more expensive than the Arete One 20L to run.

If a machine is kept for five years, this totals a saving of £196.25 to £715.00. Google Trends data states that Meaco has been searched for at least four times more than its key competitors in November 2022.

“Meaco has always championed high quality design and low energy products, but the popularity of our dehumidifiers – the Arete® One collection in particular – since the cost-of-living crisis started last year is unprecedented,” continues Chris.

“We are pleased to offer a cost-effective solution for households to prevent damp and mould in times when households are hugely concerned about high energy bills. The Arete® One is also the only range of domestic dehumidifiers in the UK that come with a five-year warranty which gives consumers peace of mind that they are investing in an appliance that will deliver ongoing energy savings for years to come.”

The Meaco Arete® One 20L was celebrated at the Red Dot Gala award ceremony in Essen, Germany.

Established in 1991 Meaco is a leading air purification specialist with products including award-winning dehumidifiers, cooling fans, air purifiers, portable air conditioners and humidifiers. Meaco is a winner of multiple Which? Best Buy and Good Housekeeping Institute Tried and Tested Awards, and has achieved the Quiet Mark status for a number of products. It has also won an award from Stiftung Warentest in Germany for its 1056 and 1056P fans.

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