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Meet The Entrepreneur Redefining Outsourced HR Services For Small Businesses

Elena Suhova’s bundle-based HR platform, What If HR, provides access to independent experts, templates, guides, workshops, coaching and other resources at a fraction of the usual cost.

After ten years in the corporate world, Elena realised that the established approach to HR wasn’t adapting to the changing needs of businesses.

For many small businesses, navigating human resources management can be tricky as entrepreneurs draw up employment contracts or engage in disciplinary procedure steps for the first time.


Often small businesses rely on their founders to manage everything as they can’t afford to hire an in-house HR team, or engage a consultant on retainer.

Without targeted help at the right time, these issues can be overwhelming.

The people related challenges of small businesses are significant, with demand for outsourced HR services increasing. 51% of small businesses named recruitment as a top challenge, together with employee retention, tax administration, compliance with regulations, and offering competitive salaries and benefits.

The What If HR platform enables small businesses to focus on their growth while cherry picking HR support services as they need them.

“You can pay for a piece of ad hoc advice or purchase 3-month bundles. Within hours you can be on a call with the best field expert discussing your issue and finding the best solution for your business. Obtaining high-quality specialist HR advice should be that simple.”

What If HR’s bundles offer on-demand access to 15+ independent HR professionals with expertise across the field of HR at a lower cost. Small businesses can contact these professionals as needed via the one-stop-shop platform, saving time and money.

“My mission is to create a world where every employer has the strategic and regulatory foundations to grow their team, no matter their size or resources.”

Depending on the bundle chosen, What If HR provides:
• On-demand access to a team of independent experts
• Templates, guides, and other specialist resources
• Strategic and operational HR support
• Executive coaching
• Training design and delivery
• HR tech selection and implementation
• Learning and development ideas
• Examples of core values in the workplace
• Monthly workshops on relevant topics

Build your bespoke package now.

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