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Motion controllers in the steering of the elements of the CNC machines

Motion controller is a core element of a CNC machine. It tells the drive motor to rotate a precise number of times and lets numerically controlled machines to work both smoothly and efficiently. Motion controllers allow for precise, consistent and fully automatized movement. Together with the suitable control software they supervise the movement of the CNC machine’s elements and ensure the correctness of CNC appliance operations.

Motion controllers provide more stable pulse generations and, effectively, much smoother performance. They also isolate the computer from the CNC control board, removing the danger of spikes in electric current, which can be damaging to the PC. It is worth noting, that while the motion controller is in operation, it still allows to run other programs on the PC. 

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How to choose a suitable motion controller? 

In order to obtain the desirable performance of a motion system, it is crucial to choose a suitable motion controller. It needs to be application-specified to match both the characteristics of the machine, and the requirements of the whole project. Modern CNC machines have a number of additional options. Upon facing multiple choices, the user needs to thoroughly examine all available options and determine the most effective type of motion controller. The ultimate pick should be dictated by the level of coordination and the type of application the user is involved with. The process of sizing and selection needs to include such variables as mass, move, and means. Before choosing a suitable motion controller, it is necessary to answer following questions: 

  • What is being moved? 
  • How fast the move should be? 
  • What are the dynamics of the process? 
  • What is the profile of the move? 
  • What is being used to move the object? 

How to control a motion controller?

Motion controllers can be controlled by the CNC control software, which are the brain behind a heart of the entire control system. Control systems change G-codes into motion trajectory and then send it to a motion controller through a network connection. They allow the user to fully control the work of motion controllers, while using various drive transmission mechanisms, namely screws, toothed bar, and belts among the others. Modern CNC control software provide the highest quality of movement and full supervision of the process, all while being extremely cost-effective.

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The best motion controllers on the market 

Motion controllers from the CSMIO series, which include both 4-axis and 6-axis controllers, are one of the best high quality motion controllers on the market. CS-LAB, which is a well-known and very reliable motion controllers manufacturer, offers such devices, as: 

  • CSMIO/IP-M Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) – a 4-axis CNC control system, 
  • CSMIO/IP-S Motion Controller (STEP/DIR) – a 6-axis CNC control system,
  • CSMIO/IP-A Motion Controller (+/- 10V) – a 6-axis CNC control system.

All devices from the CSMIO series provide the user with great dynamics and accuracy of motion. The motion controllers available in the CS-LAB store are reliable, while being fully affordable. They are perfect for all users who want to equip their machine tool with stable, flexible and efficient CNC control system. The motion controllers in mention are recommended for professionals, automation producers, retrofit specialists, as well as hobbyists who are in need of a solid, very compact, and extremely flexible control systems. All the devices can be run with the dedicated simCNC software provided with the controller, or be supervised through the external software, for example Mach3 or Mach4. 

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