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New Book Dissects Why Managers Make Mistakes So Often

The Wrong Manager, written by an experienced management consultant and MBA (Master of Business Administration) educator Marce Fernandez, will be the first book of its kind to reveal the reasons why managers make wrong decisions so frequently.

The Wrong ManagerManagers and executives do not always make the right decisions no matter how well trained they are, and sometimes no matter how long and diverse their experience is. They do so because very often personal and professional goals are confused, particular issues are frequently overlapped with corporate objectives, and executives forget recommendations for sound management and even lose sight of the ultimate purpose of their positions

The Wrong Manager shows how mistakes and bad decisions can be dealt with – including, overcoming cognitive biases. If people learn from mistakes, they don’t need books of success stories, they need books of decision mistakes.

Marce Fernadez says why he wrote The Wrong Manager:

“I used to work for a seemingly solid industry that collapsed within a few months due to huge mistakes made by its top and highly paid executives. In almost forty years of dealing with managers, I realised that most of them do not follow a clear pattern when it comes to making important decisions. And this is why business leaders make such serious mistakes so often. However, business literature and training have barely addressed the reasons for management mistakes. So, I decided to study this topic critical to the survival and prosperity of organisations and fill the gap that I believe exists.”

In the book, the author surveyed 86 managers and executives from all around the world and the results highlight important findings about what mistakes are made most often and what’re the reasons behind them – ranging from having a wrong definition of the objective to cognitive biases of the manager.

James Pitman, Managing Director for the UK & Europe of Study Group, says:

“In an ever- faster changing world of uncertainty, all managers make mistakes – most take learnings from their mistakes, but only great managers can apply those learnings effectively to others in order to avoid them in the future. The Wrong Manager offers a succinct guide for the business manager to learn from others’ mistakes without having to personally experience too many themselves, and that has to be good news for all concerned.”

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