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New build homeowners left suffering with over £10,000 worth of defects, in “5 star” homes

Director of Assure Homes, Alfie Lucas has worked for many of the UK’s biggest home builders, witnessing firsthand the corners these builders are actively encouraging their tradesmen to cut – all at the expense of the new homeowner.

51% of newly build homes are found with MAJOR faults – often issues the untrained eye is unable to see.

With developers pressuring their workers to build more homes in shorter time frames it’s becoming the norm for new homeowners to be left with imperfect, defect-ridden homes.


Assure Homes, founded by Midland’s based Alfie Lucas is putting a stop to homeowners footing the bill for shoddy workmanship and offering their expert advice through in-depth quality inspections and reporting, helping new build homeowners put this cost back on the developer.

Having personally built over 200 bespoke new build homes, in addition to working for many of the UK’s largest new-build developers, Alfie Lucas understands how a 5 star home should be built, and also the corners mainstream developers are actively encouraging their tradesmen to cut to save time, money and resources.

Many new build homeowners are attempting to ‘snag’ their property themselves, on average finding less than 50 issues versus over 300 issues found by Assure Homes when carrying out their snagging inspections.

‘Assure Homes found over £13,000 worth of defects in my new build home, we were shocked to see the extent of the issues on this report and wouldn’t have found any of the costly issues he identified ourselves! The aftercare has been second to none, our builders tried to dismiss some of the issues raised to save themselves work but Assure Homes have ensured the works have been completed in a timely manner and to the acceptable standards. They really have saved us thousands of pounds. ’

Taylor Wimpey Homeowner. D Ricketts


What is snagging?

Snagging is a careful, detailed check of a new build house or apartment to identify defects in the build. A thorough snagging inspection will review every aspect of the home against the warranty provider’s specifications – something the untrained eye will be unable to accurately do.

All new build homes come with a warranty – NHBC, LABC, or Premier Guarantee are just a few examples. Developers will also offer a two-year builders warranty to rectify any identified snags, after this period the homeowner is responsible for funding any repairs or remedial works.

Assure Homes specialise in helping homebuyers maximise their warranty by:-

– Completing in-depth interior and exterior snagging inspections.
– Providing a detailed and itemised report with supporting imagery of each defect found accompanied by a description of the issue and the exact standards this has breached.
– A full detailed program of works of works will be provided, setting expectations to the developer on when these actions should be rectified.
– Giving helpful advice until the end of a builders warranty period.

As seen in Nottinghamshire Live, Business Live, and UK News Today, Assure Homes have recently been appointed as the aftercare specialist for a new £50 million luxury waterside development, an unusual example of a 5 star builder taking a proactive approach to completion ensuring only the highest standards for their customers.

A snagging inspection is a small price to pay, against the value of defects, Assure Homes are detecting.

The clock is ticking, You get what you Inspect, not what you Expect.

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