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New Business School Partnership To Guide Future Leaders Towards Building A More Responsible Society

MIP, the Business School of Politecnico di Milano, has launched a pioneering partnership with independent consultancy, The Mind at Work, that reimagines the role and purpose of business.

The collaboration, which has initially helped re-align the purpose, values and culture of MIP itself, will culminate in a new educational offering that will challenge the traditional economic model of busines and its focus upon ‘profit above all else.’

MIP dean, Federico Frattini, explained that the partnership will emphasise a more expansive purpose for business; one that embraces profit whilst positively impacting employees, customers and wider society.

Federico said:

“Our aspiration is to train and inspire more conscious leaders and decision makers who are genuinely involved in building a more responsible society.

“We want to inspire and stimulate our students and the organisations we work with to actively contribute to building a better future for all, engaging in a thorough overhaul of the role a leader must play as part of this change.

“As part of this transformation, the aims of business schools are themselves required to shift from a limited purpose of simply helping individuals succeed in their careers, to embracing a wider, collective and elevated purpose.”

MIP has chosen to play a proactive and committed role in meeting this challenge through the establishment of its strategic partnership with The Mind at Work, who have developed deep expertise in the knowledge and application of purpose in relation to leadership, culture and strategy-making.

Co-founder and director at The Mind at Work, Darren Rudkin expressed his delight at having this opportunity to partner a progressive, international business school such as MIP.

Darren said:

“I am excited to invite MIP and its vibrant community of students into the deep knowledge and application of purpose.

“Purpose is not another word for sustainability, or vision, it is likewise untrue that purpose stands in opposition to profit – they are not two ends of a spectrum.

“Purposes stresses the ‘why’ that provides the energy to transform ‘business as usual’ into something with the meaning to inspire and connect others and profoundly impact their decision-making, responsibility and conscious action.”

Upon completion of an initial phase of work focussed upon transforming the corporate culture of MIP itself, the business school has exciting plans to relaunch and infuse its MBAs, EMBAs and other programs, with a new purpose-orientated educational approach, in 2021.

The Mind at Work is an independently owned consultancy, established in 2005, and headquartered in London, which serves an international network of clients.

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