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New Survey Shows Worldwide Demise Of Leadership Skills Due To COVID

A new leadership survey conducted by MTD Training of 4,762 managers illustrates the demise of leadership skills around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a time when we are all looking for strong leadership from our various governments, this survey specifically looks at the leadership skills within our own organisations and benchmarked managers from 60 different countries across 96 key leadership skills.

Some of the main points included:

  • From those managers surveyed globally, Developing People received the lowest overall skill rating of 72.7%
  • The United Kingdom (74.6%) scored below the worldwide average of 75.8%
  • European managers outperformed their UK counterparts in 10 out off 11 leadership competency skills areas
  • Managers from the USA outscored Europe/UK combined in all 11 leadership competency areas
  • The Accountancy industry had the lowest scores for overall leadership capability
  • The Retail industry had the highest score in the UK
  • Worldwide, Decision Making Skills were the worst impacted due to COVID
  • Managing Performance Skills were the worst impacted within the UK

london covid

Interestingly, in the year prior to the COVID outbreak, those managers that took the leadership assessment scored higher in every area than those that took the assessment from 1st March 2020+ which is no surprise and the research gathered from this survey illustrates that there is a clear demise in leadership skills during this time across the board.

The full results are available freely and MTD are available here.

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