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Sourced Capital Contends ISA deadline

Sourced Capital contends the £20,000 ISA limit deadline for 2019/20. Sourced Capital has created a petition to push the deadline to 1st October as it is now the 5th April 2020.

However, given the Coronavirus crisis, many people will miss the deadline because they are unable to put their finances in order or are not minded to do so because of distraction and frustration with regard to the circumstances that the crisis puts them in.

Sourced Capital is a peer to peer property lending platform. Sourced Capital offers returns of up to 12%pa on first charge, secured property projects.

Therefore, Sourced Capital contends that the ISA deadline should be moved from 5th April to 1st October to enable those that would otherwise invest, time to do so rather than missing out on their allowance this year.


The extension should not affect the 2020/2021 ISA savings year, and individuals should be able to invest on 6th April if they have already invested in the previous term, should they wish to.

Support this campaign by signing the petition – but be quick, the deadline is looming!

Sophisticated and High Net Worth investors can invest in these projects using an Innovative Finance ISA in just a few clicks, up to your annual tax-free ISA allowance.

When investing in P2P loans you capital at risk. Sourced Capital are authorised and regulated by the FCA. P2P lending is not covered by the FSCS. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and are subject to change.

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