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Taxi Butler celebrates winning the ‘Technology Provider of The Year’

Taxi Butler, the global leader in taxi booking devices, celebrates winning the ‘Technology Provider of The Year’ award at the Taxi Summit UK & Ireland Industry Awards 2021. The award was given for their constant innovation to meet the industry’s needs. Taxi Butler launched initiatives like Driver Bubble™ and 20test to continuously support the taxi industry during the pandemic and to keep people connected.

The inception of Driver Bubble™ & 20test™

The taxi industry witnessed a huge shift in customer preferences with the soaring demand for safety and peace of mind. With the increased concern around safety, drivers across the ride-share, healthcare, and taxi industries were hesitant to drive patients and passengers, resulting in reduced capacity and inability to provide the services that the industry once did. Similarly, passengers also needed to feel safe travelling in taxis.

Taxi Butler’s mission is to connect people as ONE, it’s the foundation of everything they do to make life easier for drivers, passengers, and fleets. Realising how imperative it was for people to stay connected without compromising safety, Taxi Butler launched Driver Bubble™ in early 2020 to make vehicle partition screens accessible for every driver.


Driver Bubble™ is one of the first standardised partition screens on the market. It is optically transparent and provides drivers and their passenger’s safety and peace of mind whilst creating a physical barrier. As a vast segment of the population heavily relied on the taxi industry, addressing the drivers and the passengers’ uncertainties were crucial. To ensure peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike, Taxi Butler also launched 20test™, a simple antigen test kit, in February 2021. This Europe-wide launch of 20test made simple antigen testing accessible for everyone.


“As we celebrate this win, we are truly grateful for receiving this award. The vast majority of people relied on taxis to travel to their desired destinations. Our mission is to help people stay connected and to help drivers get back on the road and provide safer journeys to both the drivers and passengers. Since the launch of Driver Bubble™, we have succeeded in providing safer journeys to hundreds of thousands of transportation businesses and their passengers across the globe,” said co-founder of Driver Bubble™, Steven Blom.  “Each individual is responsible and accountable to help slow down the spread of the virus, and with the launch of Driver Bubble & 20test™, we have aimed to make taxi rides safer, and hassle-free for everyone”, he added.

Taxi Butler’s continued commitment towards the taxi industry

The demand for the taxi market is rising across the globe, continuously evolving the landscape due to the change in customer preferences and different socio-economic and administrative circumstances. Taxi Butler recently unveiled their Global Industry Trends Report, which highlights dynamic trends in the taxi industry across the globe. The report, ‘A 3-year impact analysis on the taxi market: before, during and after the COVID-19‘, presents data on the taxi industry before, during, and after the pandemic. The findings put forward that global B2B taxi bookings will almost double (+72.69%) by Q2 2022, as compared to January 2021, signifying that the industry will be back on track and almost fully recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic (providing that there are no new COVID-19 restrictions in the future). This is the first edition of the report these findings can be downloaded for free on the website.

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