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The Newbie Guide to Crypto Trading

There are many nuances to crypto trading as it’s a relatively new form of trading. The crypt mania has taken over the world of money and it is the current way people are looking at it. So, are you looking to change your perspective on cryptocurrencies?

If the answer is yes, then you’ll need to know the basics. You’re going into a world where mistakes are costly so it’s always a good idea to arm yourself with some knowledge of the definition of these currencies, how to trade, and picking a platform and a wallet. So, let’s dive right in.

The Definition

The term is cryptocurrency and you can think of this currency as a virtual one. You can’t touch it as it exists online. In addition to this, it has a value that lets you buy and sell things and trade. In short, it makes it available for people to make transactions.

The transaction process needs 2 keys to work. The first one is the public one as it is needed to link the 2 users. Then you’ll need the private one to confirm the transaction and record it on a virtual ledger. The latter is also responsible for giving you access to your assets and as such needs to be private. So don’t share it.

As mentioned before, you can make transactions with other users or companies that accept these currencies as payment methods. You’ll remain anonymous as a user and no third party will have access to your assets. But it’s the profit potential that keeps the people coming.

Volatility takes the value up or down and that’s why crypto trading can be risky. But all trading practices come with a certain dose of risk even the most common one which encompasses buying assets when their value is low and selling them when that value rises. This means being aware of the current value of your assets.

But there are plenty of practices out there and which one you go for is up to you. But you will need a trading platform to start trading. And you’ll need a wallet to start trading too. Picking these is important which is why it should take as long as it needs to. If you look below, you’ll find out what to look for in both cases.


Getting the Right Platform

Going for the right platform will give you an advantage, but the trick is there’s a different right platform for everyone. There are loads of them out there and you’ll need to look into them. To shorten the list and process you can go for the popular ones listed here.

They are popular for a reason or two. They have the right features and know how to treat their customers. These are points you need to check before you register on a certain platform. But you’ll also need to check another thing. A platform’s history will tell you more about it. It will show you if a platform has been attacked by hackers and how it has handled it.

If it has handled it well, then you should know that you would be in a secure zone. Alternatively, you should steer clear of platforms with hacker attacks as they probably don’t offer good security measures. In other words, a platform needs to secure the assets of users and that’s the number one thing to look for.

The user interface should be simple enough and the selection of features should be good too. Add any additional conditions to look for and you’re set. Once you’ve found it, register and fund your account because you’ll need the money to make your first purchase.

Getting the Right Wallet

Wallets are a must. But these are crypto wallets and as such will keep any kind of these currencies around. With this in mind, you’ll need to be aware of the 2 kinds of wallets available. These are the hot and cold ones.

The hot ones are connected to the net and as such are quite handy when it comes to crypto trading and making transactions. But they’re also prone to online attacks which is what makes them risky wallets. The cold ones don’t share a connection online and offer a sort of place to store your assets. They are immune to online threats.

When it comes to picking out a wallet, go for the one that suits you most. Naturally, don’t forget to research your wallet before making the final decision. Once you’ve done that, you will have all you need to start trading.


With the basics covered, a wallet, and a trading platform picked you’ve got all the requisites to start your crypto trading adventure. Once you buy your first asset it’s on. Your experience will grow with time and soon enough you’ll be a pretty good trader. But practice makes perfect so don’t forget to keep on trading.

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