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What is VAT Compliance?

VAT Compliance is a comprehensive service for entrepreneurs that has become more and more popular in recent years, especially among taxpayers who want to expand their business to other European Union countries. Acquiring foreign customers allows you to increase earnings and promote the company on the wide European market. However, for this you need knowledge about tax settlement abroad, and this is what VAT Compliance specialists can help you with. What is such a service and who should use it?

VAT Compliance service

Are you wondering what is VAT Compliance? This is nothing more than comprehensive support and professional assistance in settling VAT on the sale of goods and services throughout the EU. Entrepreneurs who want to expand their business beyond the borders of Poland must know how to complete all formalities related to tax settlement.

Irregularities in this area may not only result in additional costs, but often also legal consequences, so it is worth entrusting this task to a qualified advisory team.

What is this service about?

Every entrepreneur who wants to offer his products and services to the European market must register as an EU VAT taxpayer. Completing formalities on your own is associated with the risk of missing something, especially if the company acquires customers from many EU countries.


The VAT Compliance service includes mainly:

– registering the entrepreneur as an EU VAT taxpayer
– settlement of all VAT taxes
– assistance with tax refunds
– support in the preparation of tax returns

The use of VAT Compliance therefore provides full support in activities related to settlements with the tax office in Poland and the tax administration in the EU.

Entrepreneurs decide to use the help of specialists mainly when they operate in the e-commerce industry (they run an online store or offer digital services, e.g. graphic design or website design), but also in the case of other types of business activity.

Why is it worth using the VAT Compliance service?

Keeping the accounting of a company, even a very small one, is a real challenge, which is why entrepreneurs decide to help with accounting offices. The same applies to people who plan to extend the scope of their services to more EU countries. Using the help of a professional team allows you to reduce the costs of employing an additional person who would settle VAT with the EU.

In addition, the VAT Compliance service ensures that all foreign accounting is kept correctly and relieves the entrepreneur from the need to follow current EU regulations.

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