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What you should consider before renting an office space in Cyprus?

Whether you are starting your business and are in search of an office space or you are trying to broaden and expand your business, getting an ideal office space is no small task.

It is not as easy as picking any available space and moving into it, as this could impact your business and also cause difficulties in the long run due to some unplanned and unforeseen circumstances.

It involves looking into conditions that not only work for you, your employees (if any), and the clients, but also conditions that would improve your business image and growth.

Tips to consider before choosing an office space


Renting a new space might sound exciting, but it could also be daunting as a little mistake could reflect badly on your business. These are some helpful factors that are vital to take note of when choosing an office space.

Location and accessibility

The location of the office is the most important thing to consider. It should be in proximity to your employees and should be easily accessible by your customers. Also, having an office in the city not only increases the percentage of prospective clients but also guarantees transportation ease for your workers.

Plan your expenses

Consider the budget you have at hand and whether it’s worth renting the office. Renting a place that could lead to debt is the beginning of the failure of your business. It is essential to examine several options suitable for your budget and the cost of amenities needed for the office.


It is advisable to lease a space that is suitable and acceptable for your business needs and growth. Also, it has to be comfortable for both your clients and your workers. A small area could hinder staff and affect their work performance negatively.

Another critical factor to also consider is the office layout and work areas, as well as the possibility of expansion if necessary. Take note of useful devices, appliances, and furniture and how they fit into the layout. Companies like Soho Cyprus offer a sustainable workspace that not only benefits the workers but also helps to keep work flowing smoothly and productively.

Parking spots

Since vehicles are an essential means of transportation, it is crucial for business owners to consider providing parking spaces for people to park their cars. Moreover, if there is no available area within the premises, they can explore the surrounding buildings.

Office Amenities

This could range from the lunchrooms to the rest and game rooms. The provision of such amenities helps staff de-stress and increases their productivity.

If there are no rooms for the employees to wind down, it is likewise advisable to rent a space close to where there are sufficient restaurants and coffee shops to meet their needs.


Before renting any space, you should check out the maintenance and any hidden expenses not added to the lease agreement. It is also important to observe the surroundings in which your new office would be located and the local corporations and how they affect your business and its image. Visit for more information.

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