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Why is the Serviced Office More Popular with Today’s Businesses? Your Essential Questions Answered

You have many options from which to choose if you are looking for space where you can conduct your business operations, whether you are an entrepreneur or self-employed or you are starting a small company of your own. But whilst office spaces may be plentiful, it may not be in your best interest to opt for a traditional office space lease. Leasing can give you your own space, but it also comes with other major expenses (and headaches), from applying for a telephone line and Broadband connection to supplying your business with the amenities you might need, such as meeting rooms and reception facilities. But there is another handy solution, and it has impacted various business sectors in a vastly positive way: serviced offices. A serviced office may just be the answer to your needs, and they are indeed more popular with today’s businesses. But why, and what are the benefits they can bring? Here, your essential questions are answered.

The key benefits

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More flexibility

One of the prime – and most obvious – benefits of a serviced office is more flexibility for your business. This comes about in two ways: you have more flexibility because you don’t have to be saddled with a lease for the long-term, and you can also be more flexible because you can easily upgrade the space or downgrade it as necessary. The arrangements with serviced offices are such that you can sign a short-term lease, sometimes every month, and you can simply update this lease when you need it. It also offers more flexibility because you can expect facilities such as electricity, Internet, maintenance, cleaning, and reception services already set up and ready for when you move in.

A more professional image and appeal

Since serviced offices are often fully managed, you have the benefit of your own space amid a professional setting. You can take advantage of full facilities that enable you to operate successfully, like the above-mentioned Broadband connections and telephone lines as well as reception services, maintenance, security, business services, and even meeting and conference rooms for rent. All this can give your business a more professional image and appeal, and it can also allow you to settle in a bustling environment and place you may not otherwise be able to afford, such as the middle of Manchester. There is now a lot of office space to rent in Manchester from providers like, for instance, and these serviced offices are ideal for networking and make you more accessible to a broader number of clients.  ​

A fully managed, organised space

Serviced office providers are often in charge of an entire building or structure, which means that they are in charge of managing the space. Once you walk through the door of your serviced office, you already have a place which you can call your own – a private location that is already connected to utilities and facilities, fully managed and organised by your serviced office provider. This means you don’t have to worry about setting up anything except for your office equipment. You can even go for an arrangement where the serviced office comes fully furnished. Other aspects, such as security and maintenance, can also be managed by the provider, and all you have to do is sign the agreement – and start working.

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