What is VAT Compliance?

VAT Compliance is a comprehensive service for entrepreneurs that has become more and more popular in recent years

Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual value is therefore about all innovative and so far uncreated creations that every person can develop with the help of their intellect and imagination.

Blockchain Could Be Key to Improving Sustainable Practices in the Supply Chain

Blockchain could be an enabler for improving social sustainability, increasing transparency and eliminating risks, enabling companies to act in a more ethical manner

Luxembourg Creating Opportunities and Long-Term Growth for Foreign Investors

Luxembourg Creating Opportunities and Long-Term Growth for Foreign Investors

As Bitcoin’s market cap surpasses $1 trillion, almost a third of young adults view cryptos as a safe investment

Expecting consumer confidence in cryptos to continue growing as they become more mainstream by the day.

Winterproof your Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) plan in 7 easy steps

Rose McNeill at Perfect Ward shares her top tips for getting the most from Infection Prevention and Control audits this winter.

Bitcoin Latinum Taps GK8’s End-To-End Crypto Custody Solution To Secure Its Ecosystem

Bitcoin Latinum, the secure next-generation, insured, asset-backed cryptocurrency with high transaction processing capacity, is announcing a partnership with GK8

How to Convince People on Office Ergonomics?

Office ergonomics begins with ergonomic furniture, and you can initiate the pep-talk with standing desks and office chairs.

Accountant vs. Controller: What’s the Difference?

Accountants and controllers fill out financial records, double-check them for accuracy, and make sure the reports are compliant with rules.

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