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Urgent call to end ‘injustice’ of energy price cap loophole for hundreds of thousands of UK consumers

Hundreds of thousands of UK residents could face soaring energy bills due to a loophole that means they are not protected by a price cap.

150 CEOs challenge the PM to secure our Human Rights Act as the government promotes accountability at the International Summit for Democracy

On global Human Rights Day, as the UK attends the international Summit for Democracy and the Justice Secretary vows to “overhaul” our protections

Vulnerable Children left out in the Cold

The Youth Enterprise & Employability Academy is starting an annual campaign called coats for children with the slogan “Warm Heart for Warm Child”

Art Delivered to Your Door to Combat Loneliness in New Charity Project

Paintings in Hospitals announces OASIS, a pilot project created to ease social isolation and loneliness at home

Art exhibition to benefit British wildlife

A preview evening and two-day exhibition of paintings, drawings, prints and bronze sculpture by two renowned wildlife artists

44% of UK Households are Worried They’ll Have to Foot the Bill for Net Zero

The government is planning to phase out gas boilers in the UK, forcing homeowners to switch to an alternative heat source that’s better for the environment.

Top 7 Reasons to Study Spanish in Seville Spain

That's why you should consider various Spanish Courses in Seville adapted to your needs.

The Re-Attribution of the British Renaissance Corpus

The first accurate quantitative re-attribution of all central texts of the British Renaissance was just released.

Plan better with Communities in mind

Communities should be put at the heart of the government’s proposed planning reforms to build new developments that are more affordable

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