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How to Find a Relevant Research Journal for Research Publication?

Are you done with your research, and are now looking for a relevant research journal to publish it? If you think that this is something to focus upon, or think that it’s important you’re not wrong. This is because the right journal helps your research in flourishing, and in reaching mass audience. It puts you in a position where you can share your research with a relevant audience, and the academic researchers as well. It can also extend the impact of your research findings through a high-quality publishing process. These are some of the benefits associated with the aspect of publishing your research in a relevant research journal. But the main question here is, how can you find the appropriate journal for your publication? Today’s article will answer this question in detail. Stay connected, because you’ll now be getting the answers to the questions of this domain. First of all, let’s describe the term research journal before moving on to the next phase.

What is a Research Journal?

Research journal is a collection of articles, research papers, and dissertations written by professors, and other field experts. Every field of study has its own specific journal. Unlike newspapers and magazines, journals target an educated, and technical audience, not the general readers. The knowledge in a journal also varies greatly. Some contain peer-reviewed papers. Whereas others have research on original, and current developments relating to a particular field.

Importance of Research Journals

Education research holds immense importance because studying theory without a practical approach is meaningless. Suppose you’re done with the research. Now you must be thinking of publishing it. So where should you publish it to get a high impact factor? This is where research journals come into play. They offer you a chance to excel within your field, and spread the research to a large audience as well.

Steps to Find a Research Journal

You must already know that you need to publish your research in a journal. But the question here is how can you find the relevant research journal for this. To help you in this regard, the following steps will shed some light on what needs to be done;

Proofread and Edit

Before searching for a relevant research journal, you must ensure that your research is error-free. The journal reviewers will simply refuse to publish your research if it contains mistakes related to grammar, or language. Hence proofreading, and editing is a must before the final submission of research. In this regard, you can also ask for help from a fellow researcher, or classmate. An informal peer review also helps a lot in the identification of grammatical errors.

Identify potential journals

The next step in this context is the identification of relevant journals that have high impact factors. But remember, this is not the final step in your search for a journal. You’ll only find the relevant journals, and pen them down in this step.

Below are some of the factors that can help you with this task;

  • Investigate the journal rank and its impactor using a tool such as Google Scholar Metrics.
  • Check to determine whether the journal is a predatory journal, or a genuine one.
  • Look at the acceptance rate of a research journal.
  • Investigate the dates, and availability of the journal.

All the factors listed above are tested elements. They can help you successfully identify relevant journals for your research publications.

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Read the guidelines

After making a list of all the relevant research journals, it’s time to explore them one by one. It would help if you browsed each research journal. This is because it will allow you to read the selected journals, as well as the submission guidelines closely. Remember, every journal has its own set of guidelines for publishing. Thus, it’s better to read the guidelines carefully, and attentively before submitting your research. You should also check for the formatting, and referencing guidelines that apply here. If all the journal requirements match your research, go for it.

Submission of research

It is the final step in the process of finding a relevant research journal for publication. Many journals demand an abstract, title of the research, as well as cover letter upon submission of research. So you should pay utmost attention to these details. The reviewers of journals first read these documents, and then review your research. Therefore, it would be best to spend a reasonable amount of time shaping the article, and the abstract of your study. After ensuring all this, submit the paper, and wait for response from the journal’s review team.

Online Tools to Find a Research Journal

Apart from using the traditional way of finding relevant research journals, you can also make use of online tools. These online tools simply demand your research topic, and provide you with the best journals that ensure high impact factors as well. A brief description of some of the best online tools that can help with this is as follows;

Master Journal

Master journal matches your research topic with the most relevant journals. It provides a list of all the relevant journals indexed within your field of smart education. You only need to put in the abstract, title, and keywords of your research. Rest of the work will be done by Master Journal. You can also apply some filters to make your search more specific. You can click on any one from the list of journals that are shown as results. It will take you to the profile page of that research journal. You should also check for the information listed within the second point of steps mentioned above on the profile page. Based on your choice, you can select one of them, and that’s it.

Journal Citations Reports

It is the most powerful tool when it comes to identifying a relevant journal for research publication. This tool uses fair, and publisher-neutral data to provide unique insights into a journal’s role, and influence within the respective field. After putting in the keywords, abstract, and title, it will show you a list of all the relevant research journals. By clicking on any journal, you’ll be redirected to the page of that journal instantly. On the research journal page, you should look for relevant information that relates to your research paper. If it matches, go for it.


Every research journal has three main data points which include citation metrics, article relevance, and audience. So before choosing any journal, you should look for this data. These data points will provide you with valuable insights into the journal. They will also help you in deciding whether it’s relevant to your research, or not.

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