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10 Best Movies Available to Stream Disney+ Right Now

Disney+ has a library of 600+ TV shows and movies giving its subscribers plenty of options to start a movie marathon. It’s hard to pick what to watch from so many titles. But for a die-hard Disney fan like me, it’s a pool of entertainment to jump into. On top of that, I have Spectrum Internet plans that allow me to stream without interruption. I have already planned what movie I am going to watch tonight with my friend Jeff.

To help you out, I have assembled a list of the best movies currently available on Disney+.

Disney+ Booth And Signage D23 Expo 2019

1: Togo

Togo stars Willem Dafoe as Leonhard Seppala who decides to lead an undersized puppy named Togo to lead a sled team. He is on a mission to transport “diphtheria antitoxin” serum to Nome, Alaska by crossing 700 miles of harsh wilderness. Seppala and Togo are pushed to their limits to save the town from an epidemic by safely bringing the serum.

2: Miracle on 34th Street

This movie indeed is a true Christmas classic. It’s a 1947 classic film and chances are you haven’t seen it. Miracle on 34th Street sets in a department store where Kris Kringle, the Santa Claus claims he is the real deal. He even ends up going to court to prove it.

Don’t take my word for it, the film even won three academy awards. It was also nominated in the best picture category. The ending of this fantasy and comedy movie will leave you in tears.

3: Mulan

Live-action Mulan is still in progress so why not spend your weekend watching 1998’s Mulan. It was the most feminist movie by Disney. It tells the story of a young pretending to be a man to fight in her father’s place. Mulan breaks the stereotypes that only men can fight. The movie gives many messages and of the best is one is – if a man doesn’t know a woman is fighting alongside, it makes no difference.

4: Hocus Pocus

No rule says you can’t watch Halloween movies all year round. If you explore the history of Hocus Pocus, initially it had a darker script. But the directors morphed it into a child-friendly version. The movie tells the story of three witches who are resurrected after centuries. Now they are all set to eat children.

5: Frozen

If you have kids in the house, I am sure they have watched Frozen on repeat. It’s a story of two princesses but the movie is crafted from a modern perspective. I am sure I don’t have to tell what the story entails. Those who haven’t watched it since 2013, now is the perfect time to refresh your memory. Frozen II is out on Disney+ too. Going on a Frozen marathon would be a marvelous idea.

6: The Emperor’s New Groove

This comedy movie takes you to the story of a bratty prince Kuzco (played by David Spade) who gets transformed into a llama. His former partner Yzma is responsible for it all and she is on a mission to get the kingdom back from. The Emperor’s New Groove is incredibly charming. Kuzco, in order to change back into a human, trusts Pacha, village leader to escort him back to the palace.

7: Free Solo

Don’t want to watch an animated movie? No problem! Disney+ has non-fiction variety too. Free Solo is one of them – a documentary movie that also won an Oscar. The movie chronicles the attempt of Alex Honnold, a rock climber who decides to climb El Captain with no ropes or support. It’s a controversial rock climbing practice. The movie reveals why Honnold puts his life at risk for this athletic accomplishment.

8: Newsies

Most of us just cannot picture Christain Bale in a Disney musical right? When he originally signed to star in Newsies, it was a drama film. Later on, during the production of the movie, when Disney signed a contract with Alan Menken to write songs for the movie, they changed their mind.

Newsies is a story of newspaper hawkers who are in their pre-teens and teens. Their livelihood threatens when rival publishers appear out of nowhere. The movie is a bit political but its musical numbers and dances are a treat.


WALL-E is one of the masterpieces of Pixar. The movie is largely silent but the cinematic language used throughout is commendable. WALL-E is a love story between robots. Robot one: WALL-E spends his days cleaning up the garage on abandoned Earth. Robot two: EVE, on the other hand, is sent from one of the human colonies to see if life on Earth is still possible. The journey of the two keeps pulling them apart but WALL-E’s perseverance and warm heart bring them together every time. Caution: You might not like the final act of the movie.

10: Zootopia

Zootopia is a movie that tackles inherent biases and racial prejudices and it’s not like the traditional talking animal stories produced by Disney. The movie is funny and thought-provoking. Plus, you will be solving a meticulous crime case with officer Judy Hops.

Pick a movie from this list and start watching it on Disney+. And if you wish to watch some other Disney movie that’s not available yet, you can always put in a request. They process customer requests soon just like the Spectrum customer service department does.

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