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99 World Artists Launch a Unique Online Live Event to Select Artists to Represent the Uk

99WorldArtists today announced booking for an event to find 2 undiscovered artists to represent the UK on their global art community! 192 UK Artists are taking part in the Contest, and a public vote was held last week, with more than 10,000 votes cast, with 20 of the best artists from the UK shortlisted for the live event.

This online live event kicks off on 6th February at 3 pm culminating with the final on Valentine’s day at 3 pm. This exciting live Contest will feature the shortlisted artists presenting their artwork to an eclectic panel of judges AND a live audience who will get their chance to vote for their favourite artists!

Terry Adams of Arts Council England says “I wanted to be involved in this innovative programme and project, showcasing emerging talent on a local and national level in the UK.”

“I’ve been astounded by the high quality of Art that has been submitted. We’ve had a wide range of artists from all over the UK, from all different backgrounds and ages” says Vineet Vijh, Founder of 99 World Artists.

Lovejit Dhaliwal. an award-winning documentary maker, radio presenter & journalist with a long career at the BBC, working on programmes such as Woman’s Hour, World Business Report and Newsday, has been announced as one of the competition hosts.

About 99 World Artists are a global community of handpicked emerging artists from across the world. Their mission is to promote diversity and inclusion in Art. They find hidden talent from every corner of the earth, providing guidance and assistance to artists to help them promote their work.

They have carefully selected a panel of judges. Including representatives from the Arts Council UK. Each judge has a diverse set of interests and specialisms. The judges will be looking for creativity, interesting ideas and skilful execution. The Contest is to select the artists, rather than judge a single painting.

Terry Adams, Senior Project Manager, Diversity, Arts Council England. His role encompasses, promoting and delivering Arts Council England’s agenda on diversity, equality and inclusion, and responding to the sectors’ approaches and engagement on these matters.

His background includes research and consultancy for national and international media providers, as well as business and organisational development for established and fledgling individuals and organisations from Black, Asian and other culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds.

Dr Richard Davey is a Senior Research Fellow in Historical and Critical Studies in the Department of Visual Arts, Nottingham Trent University. As well as being an academic with a PhD in Theology from the University of Nottingham that looked at how an artist’s faith might impact on their work, he is also a writer and curator with an international reputation.

He has written several books and catalogues for the Royal Academy of Arts, London. He was a juror for the John Moores Painting Prize in 2016 and is currently writing books, three other artists, as well as developing an international project on the Grammar of Art.

Sujata Bajaj trained in India and France. She has a PhD in fine arts and her thesis was on India Tribal Art. She received a French Government Scholarship to study at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts, Paris. She currently lives and works in Paris.

There is an influence of both French and Indian Art in her work. She has worked with different art forms and media such as etching, woodcut, sculpture, murals, ceramics, fibreglass and metals. Presently she is working with mixed media and acrylics.

Her works are included in national & international, private and public collections. She is the author of 4 books and has a series of honours and awards to her name.

Geetha Sridhar is a professional dancer, performer, tutor and choreographer with a career spanning over 30 years. Geetha has combined disciplines of yoga, martial arts and freestyle movement with Bharathanatyam in her body of work.

Geetha was featured on the BBC4 Program’ BBC Young Dancer’ both a judging panellist and mentor. Geetha’s passion for visual arts is reflected in her practice of the traditional Art of kolam . Her work was displayed at the ‘Street-Women of India’ Exhibition in Krimsky Hall, Moscow (1988) for the ‘Festival of India’ in USSR, alongside her taught workshops.

Emily Moore, is a freelance interior designer and Art teacher, she graduated from the London College of Fashion. Part of her education included obtaining a City and Guilds Diploma in Interior design. Emily says to be a skilful interior designer; you must have a good eye for colour, pattern and textures

Emily believes that Art can be a decorative element that can complement a design space because Art is one of the key elements to the home. She appreciates the inspiration it provides, the way it lifts a space and the joy that comes from sourcing artwork from around the world.

She thinks, Art not only finishes a room it also creates a wonderful conversation piece that brings joy to the home.

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