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Customize Playing Cards By Alibaba

Alibaba provides all types of products from small needles to large bulky machinery. You can order what you want. This multinational company is spread all over the world so you can order other country’s products easily with full verification.

Now talk about the best-customize playing cards. You can order them from Alibaba. Because there are lots of businesses that are associated with this group you can order your own customized playing cards. Now get the perfect and high-quality playing cards.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best and most high-quality customized playing cards. You can order them from the best service on Alibaba. If you really want to enjoy your free time by buying these cards you can order them from the link above.

Customize Playing Cards

High-Quality Customized Playing Cards

You want to make your free time a fun time with these high-quality customized playing cards. You can customize these cards with your pictures. Your favorite cartoon character or movie character. Different customization companies do this task very efficiently.

These cards are packed in high-quality material. Printing and other services are best because they provide different types of techniques to print on these cards. Quality checks and other on-time shipment services are verified by the Alibaba group. Now you can buy these customized care without any worries.

Other Important Details

  • They are playing cards, card games, poker cards, board games, and more
  • Card size can be customized or regular size that is 57×84 and more
  • The number of cards may vary per deck it may be 54 or more than 200 according to the demand of customers.
  • They are made up of plastic, paper, or polymer
  • Its thickness is almost 0.3mm
  • The finish is done with VU. Digital, embossing, gold foil, or more
  • Customized box as per request.
  • Design is also customized on one side or both

Wholesale Customized Playing Cards

Presenting another best company that can help you to make your own customized cards. you can customize any picture or memory on it. The high-quality printing. Embossing or digital printing or card is done by this company. Customized packing is also supported.

Not only this you can also customize its shape you can make a triangle. Heart or square, car shape, or any other shape that you want to customize. Packing can also be customized with so many options. This is the best company that provides so many options and makes your priority the first choice.

Other Important Details

  • They are customized and waterproof for adults
  • You can order them in different shapes.
  •  Different sizes are also available
  • They are made up of plastic. Gold foil, or any other custom material
  • Each card has 0.19mm or more
  • They can be glossy, varnished, UV, and other finish
  • High-quality customized packing.


In this article we discuss the most important topic customize playing cards from Alibaba. We provide all the important information related to these best quality playing cards. Hope so this article was helpful to get all the information that you need.

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