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Go to sleep with George Clarke

TV architect and presenter, George Clarke, has teamed up with Hillarys to record a new bedtime story ahead of World Sleep Day on 17 March.

With 33% of adults struggling to sleep on a daily basis, the team at Hillarys asked the public to write an original, soothing bedtime story, with the chosen entry to be read and recorded by George.

Susan White, marketing director, Hillarys, says:

“We all know how important getting a great night’s sleep is; it can improve concentration, reduce stress levels and even keep our hearts healthy. That’s why we were so shocked when our sleep survey results revealed that a third of people struggled to sleep every night.

“From these results, we did a little investigation and realised that not only does reading a gentle story before bed reignite childhood nostalgia filled with fairy tales, it also allows our brain to relax and transition into a sleeping state.

“The most popular bedtime stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood, are decades old, and we wanted to bring a new story into the modern era, which is why we reached out for talented storytelling fanatics to share their modern masterpieces.

“And what’s better than reading a story yourself… someone reading one to you… and what’s even better than that.. George Clarke reading you the bedtime story in his soothing, soporific Geordie accent!”

George Clark

After receiving nearly 100 brilliant entries, the winning story was recorded by George Clarke and has been uploaded to Spotify for all to enjoy just in time for World Sleep Day on 17th March!

So let George’s comforting tones send you to sleep as he reads a brand new bedtime story “The Land of Kindaroo” written by Becky Johnston, 26, from Darwen in Blackburn.

The full recording and a quote from the winner of the competition can be found here.

George Clarke comments on the story:

“When I first read The Land Of Kindaroo, I thought it was such a lovely story with an enchanting message behind it. As highlighted in the name of the story, it’s all about the power of kindness – something everyone should try to remember when living in such a fast paced society. The story has a very calming tone to it, which is why it’s so perfect as a bedtime story to help people drift off to sleep.”

Alongside the bedtime story, the team also conducted a survey to find which UK regional accents people found the most soothing, with 32% of people choosing Irish.

The top 10 soothing accents were:

  1. Irish (32%)

  2. Scottish (23%)

  3. Welsh (22%)

  4. Yorkshire (21%)

  5. West Country (12%)

  6. Geordie (12%)

  7. Lancashire (8%)

  8. West Midlands (7%)

  9. Cockney (4%)

  10. Mancunian (3%)

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