Wednesday, July 24, 2024

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Red carpets are back for this British star

British actress Janine Gateland attends special screening of TV series season finale The Bay. The Emmy award winning show had the event outside at a private residence in the Hollywood Hills. As a guest at this private event, Janine is delighted to be back out there since Covid.

Gateland has been working on several projects which include narrating a dogsledding documentary that is doing very well. The doc gives a behind-the-scenes look at the controversial sport of dogsledding, highlighting the incredible bond between man and dog.


Janine’s latest project is a new original series, Girl, Chill; coming to a screen near you this summer! Staring in this comedy as the lead, Amy, a 30 something looking for love in Los Angeles in all the wrong places! And she’s getting desperate. Think Sex and the City meets Schitt’s Creek.

With a number of other TV pilots in the works, Covid isn’t stopping this girl!

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