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Sandra Ireland’s ‘Heart of Stone’ Video enters the NFT Crypto Arena

Sandra Ireland is a creative photographer, illustrator, and songwriter working in the idyllic countryside at the heart of The Cotswolds.

Inspired by her surroundings, Sandra has brought nature to life in this heart-wrenching little video featuring ‘Rock’ singing her original song ‘Heart of Stone’.


I built this house on rocky ground
Planted seeds on the bare hillside
Grew some vines to make some wine
All for you, for you my love

Heart of stone, in the cold hard night
You said you’d love me for all time
Now you’re leaving me alone
Heart of stone, heart of stone

I’m waiting here for your return
I know you needed time to roam
It’s only been a few short years
I’m sure you’ll soon be coming home
Heart of stone heart of stone
You’ll soon be coming home

In these fast-moving technological times, Sandra has opted to release the video as a Limited Edition NFT Crypto Collectible on Rarible.


There are more video songs to follow, featuring other stars of nature that Sandra has chanced upon.

Sandra says, ‘The woodland near me is full of unexpected elemental creatures. It’s no safe place to roam alone at night, especially under a full moon.

Moonwalking is reckless and treacherous!

I’ve photographed many of the creatures in and around the trees and written many a song for them. The meadow, river, and sky above are strangely enchanted.

I plan to post a collection of videos, songs, and photographs that I’ve gathered over the past few years.’

To check out the video and the Limited Edition NFT, just click the link.

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