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Top Picks This Week at Gift Discoveries

Here we share our favourite gift ideas for any and all the important upcoming events in your life, curated from Gift Discoveries website.

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Zen Solar Illuminated Garden Sculpture

Zen Solar Illuminated Garden SculptureThis curved solar sculpture creates a graceful focal point for your garden. Place this polyresin statue in a sunny position by day and the solar-powered crackle glass ball automatically lights up at night to create a soft, warm ambience. Online Price £29.95

Colour Changing Full Moon Lamp

Colour Changing Full Moon LampThe colour-changing full moon lamp is a true lunar lovely! Created with a realistic, textured surface of dips and craters, this gorgeous globe emits the light of a full moon. Online Price £19.95

Vintage Style Globe

Vintage Style GlobeThis imposing vintage-style globe doubles as a handsome decorative piece in a study or living room. Dream of your next great world adventure just like a 16th century ocean pioneer. Online Price £29.95

Trivial Pursuit Napkins – Pack of 2

Trivial Pursuit Napkins - Pack of 2Trivial Pursuit napkins guarantee to break the ice at dinner parties. Each pack of napkins contains 120 Trivial Pursuit questions in six different categories, so you and your guests will be challenged on entertainment, history, geography and more. Online Price £12.95

Special Year and Birth Year DVD

Special Year and Birth Year DVDNow you can watch all the other important events that took place in the year of your birth, marriage, 21st birthday or the year your child or grandchild was born with our Your Special Year DVD. Online Price £17.95

Flower of the Month

Flower of the MonthJoy, constancy, patience…the Victorians associated specific virtues with certain flowers and these in turn were linked to a particular month of the year. Online Price £12.00

Land Rover Construction Set

Land Rover Construction SetDesigned to fuel the imaginations of Land Rover fans of all ages. This kit to ‘build-your-own’ classic British Land Rover is made from steel, with anti-oxidation finish for a vintage look. Online Price £29.95

SkimGuard Personal Alarm – Pack of 2

SkimGuard Personal Alarm - Pack of 2This personal alarm will fit easily into your pocket, purse or bag, putting safety on hand at all times. Fitted with a powerful 120-decibel alarm – push to sound once, pull for a constant alarm. Online Price £14.95

The Book of Light

The Book of LightDon’t judge a book by its cover! This elegant ‘book of light’ sits discreetly on a bedside table, book shelf or cabinet. But as the sun sets, open up the wooden cover, fan out the pages and an internal switch reveals a wonderful sculpture glowing with soft, ambient light. Online Price From £29.95

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