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Wentworth Puzzles refreshes Brand Identity and launches New Generation of Puzzlers

It’s impossible to have missed the rise in popularity of the humble jigsaw puzzle over lockdown.

From a soothing activity for mindfulness and wellbeing, to a boredom buster and brain trainer, long-time lovers of this analogue pastime were more than happy to share the benefits that jigsaw puzzles had to offer.

Quickly being named as a sanity saver and new household essential it was no wonder that more and more people were trying puzzles for the first time.

Although it’s understandable that the increased interest in jigsaw puzzles caused a large uplift in new customers to their site, Wentworth Wooden Puzzles noticed an interesting trend that an ever-growing percentage of their customers were from a younger demographic.

The 25-34 year olds topped the age group for most number of new visitors from February to May 2020, while the 18-24 year old age group was the fastest growing in the same time frame, with nearly 4 times as many new visitors when compared to the previous 3 months.

“It’s clear that puzzles are here to stay so we wanted to ensure that we catered for the diverse variety of people that have taken up puzzling, especially during lockdown. As well as refreshing our brand identity and packaging, we’ve launched an exciting new collection of contemporary designs to appeal to the ever-growing number of younger dissectologists. We have also moved box production back to the UK and dropped shrink wrap from our packaging, as part of a move towards minimising our impact on the planet.”

– Sarah Watson, Managing Director of Wentworth Wooden Puzzles

Discover the Magic of a Wentworth Puzzle

Inside every Wentworth box you will find one of their premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzles, made entirely at their factory in the heart of the British countryside since 1991. With intricately hand-designed laser cut pieces including their iconic charming ‘whimsies’, every puzzle guarantees to delight and tantalise you for years to come.
But a Wentworth Puzzle can give you so much more… a break from screen time, quality time shared with family and friends, or a mindful distraction and path to wellbeing.

Happy Puzzlers, Happy Planet

Wentworth understands how increasingly important it is to look after our planet, so they aim to spread happiness and be sustainable in all that they do. So all the puzzles are made using wood from forests that are sustainably managed. The production of the boxes has moved back to the UK, after being produced in China in recent years, plus they are made from recycled materials.

No plastic is used in the packaging process and Wentworth is doing all they can to minimise the energy they use and recycle the waste they create. Most importantly the puzzles are made to last. So, whether you keep your Wentworth Puzzle as a family heirloom or pass it on to others to spread the joy, it is the ultimate in sustainability.

New and Updated Look for Packaging and Website

To mark their sustainable credentials, Wentworth have given their brand, website and packaging a revamp with a new colour scheme of sumptuous plum and cool grey. The updated packaging really highlights the premium quality of the products, and all the key features are communicated effectively on the back of the box, including the ever-important sustainability message. The website also follows the new colour scheme too, looking to appeal to all generations of puzzlers while providing the quality products and service that they are known for.

Introducing the new ‘Art That Slays’ Collection

Continuing to prove their jigsaw puzzles are anything but ordinary, Wentworth Puzzles are pulling puzzles into the 21st century with a modern and exciting collection of contemporary puzzles aimed at a new generation of puzzlers.

Working with a wide variety of exciting artists and photographers to produce this killer jigsaw puzzle collection, ‘Art That Slays’ features the very best of quirky and modern art. From curious creatures to breathtaking photographs and amazing locations from our own world to pure fantasy, this collection is as diverse as the puzzlers who complete them.

The collection consists of 25 brand new puzzles, which are all available in a 250 piece and 500 pieces, prices start from £29.95 and can be purchased online from or from Amazon website.

‘New York City Lady’ by Kirsten Ulve


From an award-winning illustrator and designer living in NYC, New York City lady’ was one of Kirsten Ulve’s early attempts to condense this amazing city into just one picture. With Lady Liberty as the starring role, she’s surrounded by 20 other landmarks. You can appreciate the influence of Kirsten’s location in the garment district throughout her work.

“I envisioned New York City Lady as a modern day symbol of Liberty. She strides through Manhattan as nightfall itself, clothed in the magical lights of the city.”

-Kirsten Ulve, Artist

‘Guksu’ by Uijung Kim


This image is named after the Korean word for Noodle soup, and you can see how wonderfully the artist has captured this homely comfort food. Uijung Kim’s iconic style really expresses her strong roots in Korean Culture, making her all the more exciting to work with.

‘Possessing a Most Irrational Sense of Optimism’ by Paul Bond


Artist Paul Bond loves to blur the lines between dreaming and reality, unveiling a world where anything is possible. Inspired by a quote, Paul Bond wanted to imagine what the home of a wild optimist would look like… perhaps a little like this?

‘Girls Want To Be Like A Flower’ by Naomi Okubi


Japanese artist Naomi Okubo is well known for her signature style involving lots of flowers and colours. This illustration represents the pressure that society and social media places on women and girls to look perfect and feminine. Through her work, Naomi Okubo hopes to show that we can balance the difference between media images and reality.

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