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Healing the Heart and the Planet

We mourn the passing of a loved one as a community. We come together to share memories, we re-tell funny stories, we shed tears and we even sing a song or two. But restrictions around Covid 19 have changed all that. More and more, we hear of so many families having to make a decision on who can and who cannot attend the funeral of a loved one.

Similarly, friends and extended family members all over the world are lost for fitting ways to provide comfort and support and to remember those who have passed on.


Introducing Irish Memorial Trees

People have planted trees in memory of loved ones for thousands of years across many cultures. A remembrance tree can grow in a loved one’s honour and be present for decades and even centuries to come, while healing the heart and the planet.


Located on a 10-acre peaceful, lakeside location in North County Dublin, Irish Memorial Trees offers a choice of eight native Irish tree types including Oak, Mountain Ash, Crab-Apple, Holly, Birch, Hazel and Alder so people can choose the tree that best represents their lost loved one.

Additionally, the recently announced partnership with the Irish Hospice foundation allows people to donate to a worthy cause that is needed now more than ever before.


How To Order an Irish Memorial Tree

Memorial trees can be purchased on Once a tree is selected, it will be planted on the buyer’s behalf and a planting certificate will be sent to them. Another planting certificate, together with a hand-made, hand-written sympathy card with a personal message, will be sent to the grieving family.


About Bob Hamilton ( Ex-banker of 35 years, living in The Naul in Rural Nth County Dublin)

Dublin man Bob Hamilton established Irish Memorial Trees in 2020. Working with grieving families through his business Irish Urns, Bob was struck by the numerous stories over the last twelve months of stress and anguish from not only those who had lost someone dear but also from those who were looking to support a friend or extended family member in a time of sadness.

“It became very clear to me that the Covid restrictions were not only adding stress on the grieving family,” Bob explained, “but also on the wider community who found themselves with no way of expressing their sympathy. That’s when I had the idea for Irish Memorial Trees. Remembrance trees are a beautiful, living reminder of someone special who has passed on.”

“I’ve been truly amazed from the feedback so far,” he went on, “not only from the buyers of the trees but from the families receiving the Planting Certificate and handmade sympathy Card. They are deeply touched by such an enduring and thoughtful act. People from all over Ireland and indeed the world are contacting me to plant memorial trees.”

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