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How You Can Properly Calculate Your Solar Panel System Needs

If you have been interested in a solar panel installation for your home for a while now, then you must also know that the system you choose – and its overall efficiency – will depend on several factors. The efficiency of your solar panel system will, for instance, be dependent on the system’s location and the angle of your roof, and its output will also depend on the efficiency of the actual panels you choose. But other factors will affect your system’s efficiency, and you also have to think about the size of your solar panel system so you can get the most out of it. But how you do know what size to select? Here’s how you can properly calculate your solar panel system needs.

The factors that will affect your system’s size

Your current power or energy consumption

Many homeowners have one singular question on their minds: how do I know the system size I need? This involves looking at a few factors, one of which is your current consumption of electricity. Have a careful look at your electric bills over the last year or so and you will already have a good idea of how much electricity you consume. Your bills will state your consumption of energy in kilowatt-hours, and you can either calculate per month or add up your monthly consumption so you can get a figure for your yearly consumption.


Your energy objectives

Another thing you need to do is determine your goals and objectives regarding energy – in other words, how much of your electric consumption do you want your system to cover? Your goals can range from as low as 10% to as much as 100% – even more. Your decision in regards to your energy objectives will affect the size of your system and your expenses, so take note of this as well.

Your roof’s capacity

One more factor that can affect the size of the system is the capacity of your roof – it follows that a larger system will require a larger roof. An average-sized panel can take up around 1.44 square metres of space. A 4kW system is usually comprised of 16 solar panels, which can take up about 29 square metres of space on your roof. Larger solar panel systems, such as a 5Kw solar panel system, will often have 20 panels, so your roof will need to accommodate this as well. Additionally, think about including a minimum of 30 centimetres from the edge of your roof. You may have to adjust the size of your system if your roof doesn’t have enough space for the panels.

If you want to get the appropriate system size, you also have to factor in the number of hours of sunshine where you live. If you live or reside in Manchester, for example, then you can consult installers of solar panels in Manchester like so that they can give you a good perspective on the size you need and give you the proper recommendations.

If you choose monocrystalline panels, they will be more efficient than polycrystalline panels, according to experts in solar panels in Manchester so you need fewer panels – and a smaller amount of space on your roof. An expert installer can guide you through your decisions and provide you with the information you need to make the right choice.

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