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Fashion Buyig Group Expands its Wholesale Fashion Collection with a Gorgeous New Array of Women’s Dresses

The Fashion Buying Group announced today that has expanded its online wholesale collection with a beautiful selection of wholesale women’s dresses, tops and stylish women’s pants and bottoms. Fashion Buying Group is aggressively expanding its online wholesale collection to coincide with the 2021 Spring and Summer season.

The new wholesale dresses collection is comprised of easy to wear casual and slightly sassy styles with many in solid color basics, florals as well as many on-trend tie dye styles that promise to be one of the more popular fabric designs again this season.


Fashion Buying Group has also expanded its wholesale women’s pants selection and updated the full collection of USA Fashion™ Creamy Soft Leggings™ Signature Collection of premium quality digital print leggings with an amazing array of superior quality laser prints with double brushed 200 GSM fabric. A large selection of wholesale women’s tops was also added and is soon to release a wonderful selection of Spring and Summer inspired women’s tops for the 2021 season.

The Fashion Buying Group provides its customers a unique wholesale shopping experience by making available its entire catalog in single units as opposed to being forced to purchase packs of 6, 8 or 10. This helps dramatically minimize inventory risk by allowing business owners to purchase exactly what they need and test a large number of styles without being forced into purchasing larger amounts of every style thereby decreasing the intrinsic inventory risk of buying large quantities.

Fashion Buying Group is the world’s largest and leading fashion wholesaler and distributors, we have built a comprehensive logistics team and network of our own showrooms across Europe and UK, putting us in a unique position. Fashion Buying Group in-depth presence across international markets allows us to bridge the creative and commercial worlds of fashion.


Fashion Buying Group offer truly bespoke localized expertise on a global scale and operate as a one-stop partner to brands looking at the challenges of expanding across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa (EMEA) region, tapping into our relationships with the most important and influential multi-brand stores to secure the highest level of representation in the fashion, fast fashion and luxury contemporary market.

New expansion into new product categories

In 2021 Fashion Buying Group have expanded and launched a new division within our group of companies buying offices by launching our new buying group for wholesale and distribution of Home interiors, home appliances, consumer electronics, home decor, children’s toys, prestige and luxury sports cars, boys toys, gizmos and gadgets, games consoles xbox, PS4, PS5, high-end audio, furniture, luxury premium high-end goods and toys, mobile phone wholesale, office supplies wholesale, branded sportswear wholesale, luxury brands distributor, trade kitchen and bathroom supplier.Wholesale and Sourcing Clothing, Jewelry, Accessory, Lingerie, Beauty, Bag, Shoes, Home & Garden, Wedding & Party, Women, Men and Kids.

Fashion Buying Group are always interested in hearing from potential new manufacturers, distributors, brands, designers, suppliers from around the world.

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