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Luxury, Sustainable, Made in the UK Fashion

Lee Klabin’s earlier creations have been worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Lily Cole, Dita Von Teese and Kylie Jenner. She has been featured in British Vogue and was lauded in the fashion press as the “couture corset queen”. She then took a nourishing sabbatical to design her young family:

“Now, with the renewed perspective of a wife and mother, I have left behind the impossible glamour of ‘Sex and the City’ and the ‘fashion over function’ attitude and put my creative energies into designing a new and better way for women to embrace their individuality, their principles and the environment”.

In November 2020, Lee Klabin unveils the first pieces to drop from her luxurious Women’s Ready-to-Wear cashmere collection. The AW season is a meticulous and innovative work that champions 100% sustainability, uncompromising beauty, decadence and disruptive femininity.

The brand embraces “slow-fashion”. Drops are limited to just a few designs at a time.
LEE KLABIN celebrates the creativity of UK based artisans. The cashmere is ethically sourced from Scotland and knitted in London. This approach helps to reduce its carbon footprint and boost our British economy.

What makes the LEE KLABIN brand stand out are its timeless and trend-proof designs, distinguished by the nobility of materials that feel utterly divine to touch.
The collection is dedicated to elevating knitwear by enhancing as well as draping the silhouette. It boasts modern angular stitch styles creating an exceptional expression of knitwear to suit the demands of the modern woman.

Lee’s mission is to change perceptions of sustainable clothing and disrupt the codes of traditional luxury fashion. She is passionate about designing pieces that exude the values of her customers.

Her pieces adorn women whilst also helping to serve society and preserve our planet. Each piece is designed to have infinite styling options, thus serving her customers practical and aesthetic desires.

Healing the many plights of our planet is embedded in Lee’s soul and drive her actions. Alongside her lobbying and advocacy for legislative reform in the fashion industry, she also ensures that 10% of the profits on each garment goes to one of four selected charities. Each customer is invited to pick the one closest to their heart when they make a purchase.

“From high-heels to trainers, these dresses are designed to go with it all. And that is the true sign of a sustainable garment – emotionally, socially and environmentally.”

Lee Klabin

Luxury, Sustainable, Made in the UK Fashion

LEE KLABIN is founded on a modern aesthetic that revolves around environmental & social principles that are, in the designer’s words, ‘non-negotiable’. The goal was to design pieces that ‘rise higher’ in both purpose and practice. These are garments that we cling to emotionally. They take you on an uplifting journey through their provenance. The designs embrace us as individuals, respect our wider society and care for our planet.

Te designs are aesthetically trend-proof, endlessly re-styleable, comfortable, easy to care for, natural in substance & nurturing to those involved in their making. These garments become reliable ‘go-to’, our instantly comfortable, chic, sporty, professional or glam version of ourselves.

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