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Moilo Matches Socks With eCommerce and Social Entrepreneurship

The socks company Moilo, through a partnership with United World Schools, is diverting ecommerce clicks into financial donations to education.

Moilo, a London based socks company founded in 2020, is demonstrating how each online shopping click can have a positive impact in the world.

Covid-19 was estimated to add £5.3 billion to the UK ecommerce in 2020,” says Frank Otava, founder of Moilo. “Imagine harnessing even 1% of the sum spent on online shopping to address social issues in the world? It’s an easy way to make a big and sustainable difference.”

It’s what Moilo has set out to do.


Creating a partnership with United World Schools

The company, after a thorough vetting process, has partnered with the renowned British charity United World Schools (UWS). UWS works in some of the world’s poorest regions to provide children with free education.

Right away, Moilo has adopted this mission as their own. Every time someone buys a box of Moilo’s socks, they will be supporting this cause. The social impact is fourfold. It covers:

(i) training and support for local teachers
(ii) sustaining the presence of UWS Education Officers on-site for implementing the development programmes
(iii) bringing leading and tailored teaching methodologies to the areas being served
(iv) providing books, resources and maintenance of schools – a vital task during the devastating monsoon season.

For each box of socks sold, Moilo makes a 20% donation to UWS. Every donation guarantees one month of education for a child.

Living by the values of sustainability and positive impact


The values Moilo stands by are not only represented by their partnerships or by where their proceeds go. Their sock producing process is also ethical in all its aspects. The products are manufactured within the EU in a local regulated factory. Using soft combed cotton with Italian elastane and polypropylene silproX, socks are embedded with active silver ions, which gives them antifungal, anti-bacterial and odour-inhibiting properties.

It does not stop there for Moilo. Once the products are finished, they are carefully placed in a recyclable paper box, folded by hand in a therapeutic sheltered workshop named “Hope”. At “Hope”, people with mental disorders are able to imprint some of their love and care into the final product. Which are available online with free worldwide shipping.

Moilo has proven that business and social impact are a perfect match, every step of the way.

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