Thursday, June 13, 2024

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Slow Fashion British Knitwear Brand to Bring Joy To Your Wardrobe

This month sees the official launch of my latest collection ‘Electric Dreams’ from Cara & The Sky. The collection, made up of 22 pieces priced between £32-£89 & is all British Made.

Cara & The Sky – a female founded independent brand bringing you vegan friendly, colourful feel-good knits, all designed by Cara! Founded 2019, Cara & The Sky is an independent British brand with a focus on positivity & sustainability.

British Knitwear

The collection is designed for fun-loving, free spirited humans with a love for knitwear, bright colours and unique style.

Filled with colour, unique twists and playful stitch mixes, each piece is designed especially for the brand by Cara and all made locally in the UK.

Did you know that bringing joy to your wardrobe is one of the main reasons they started the brand.

British Knitwear

Fast fashion makes you disregard your clothes, makes you like it for a second and then onto the next, always in a half panic state of ‘I must buy something new or my self-worth will somehow falter’.

Cara wants to change that, to slow it down. Cara wants you to fall in love with your knits, knowing that not only is it made with integrity, but also designed to last, to be on trend and trendless all at the same time so you can wear it this season and season to come knowing it will always be relevant and never out of style.

Looking for the perfect festive gift inspiration?

British Knitwear

Each piece of my collection is designed by me especially for the brand so you won’t find it anywhere else on the high-street. What’s more Cara only produces in small batch runs to avoid over consumption and only use British audited factories so she knows her workers are getting paid a fair wage & work in safe environments.

Give your readers the gift of colour & the chance to support a small British female founded independent brand this Autumn Winter.

Cara always says if you buy only one piece from her and love it forever, that’s her job done!

Join Cara in the Joy Revolution, to bring love back into your wardrobe, to treat yourself with kindness, and to wear whatever makes you feel you!

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